App Allows You To Have Virtual One-Night Stand with Friends

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Developers recently came up with a new pointless app for the iPhone: the App Night Stand. It’s essentially all of the awkwardness of a one night stand, without any of the sex.  

It is meant to be an alarm clock, “with a twist.”

The concept is to set your alarm clock to go off at the same time as a friend, so that you wake up together at the agreed time.

When your alarm goes off, you look at your phone, and a picture of you and your friend in bed together pops up, like you just had a one-night stand.

While it might seem useless for playing with friends, it also allows you to play with “singles in your area” who either invite you to have a one-night stand or accept your invitation.

Though it comes with the added benefits of avoiding awkward morning conversations and hangovers, it also excludes the main benefit of sexual contact.

Once the alarm goes off the and two wake up together, they can either chat and decide to meet up for a real one-night stand or just pretend it never happened.

On the iTunes store, it’s described as “Find singles on Facebook nearby, wake up together - the rest is up to you. It’s free, it’s fun, it’s safe.”

While the first 30 invites on the app are free, it starts costing some money after that. Once you use up the 30 invites, you’ll have to pay $0.99 to get 50 invites, and $1.99 for 80.

All users must be at least 17 years old.