Yoga Clothes: Tanya B. Clothing Launches New Line

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Tanya B. Clothing is excited to announce the launch of their Ambassador Program!

urban legends Tanya B. Clothing | Urban Legends | the Ambassadors

About Tanya B. Clothing

Tanya Boulton’s passionate desire and devoted preparation to design her own clothing line met with the expertise of Karin Ulmander, a textile goddess.of 18 years, shaped an opportunity for two brilliant individuals to come together in one mission: the design and delivery of quality clothing for an inspiring lifestyle.

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Tanya Boulton, a yoga instructor, past teacher of inner city youth, and enthusiast of fashionable and quality apparel. Karin Ulmander, internationally known for her textile expertise, dynamic fashion background, and love for adventure joined together in a compelling partnership to create a company that not only delivers but inspires.


Tanya B. has taken the concept of fashionable, flattering yoga clothing to the next level. She has hand-picked a group of yoga teachers from across the country who represent the brand, and who totally rock – check them out below:


alanna kaivalya Tanya B. Clothing | Urban Legends | the Ambassadors

Alanna Kaivalya: New York City

Alanna possesses many talents, but they all fall under one mission: to convey a sense of joy and freedom through harmony and synchronicity. As a singer/songwriter, author and yoga instructor, she channels a passion for finding the connection to our human-ness in everything she does.

Currently, Alanna lives in New York, were she created and leads the Pure Yoga Teacher Training. Living in New York gives Alanna ample opportunity to stretch her creative wings, and she can often be found on random weeknights singing in a downtown club or during the day walking her dog, Roxy. 2009 was a creative year for her, not only writing and launching the Pure Yoga Training, but also writing her new book, The Myths of the Asanas.

Thoughts on Tanya B.

“I love my tanya-b pants. They are absolutely my go-to pant every time I’m about to walk into the studio. They look great, they feel great, and I can’t kill them. They look the same as the day I first put them on, and oh, did I mention, they make my ass look fabulous? Tanya has thought of the modern active yogini in her design, giving them a super hip flare leg (if you’re not rocking the legging) and just enough rise to not look like your mother’s yoga pants, but to avoid that annoying phenomenon of showing everyone your Hanky Pankys. The material is durable, breathable and comfortable. They’re simply what I always reach for – I call them my “default” pant. It’s rare you’ll catch me teaching without them.”


deborah williamson Tanya B. Clothing | Urban Legends | the Ambassadors

Deborah Williamson: Wisconsin

Internationally known Deborah Williamson (ERYT-500) is a Master Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, Yoga Life Coach™, and founder/owner of Midwest Power Yoga. Deborah’s experience includes multiple certifications in yoga (from Kriya and Iyengar to Ashtanga and Power Yoga), as well as extensive experience in personal training and wellness coaching.  She regularly leads retreats, teacher trainings, and workshops around the globe in locations such as Bali, Mexico, India, Australia, Costa Rica, Italy  and presents regularly for Yoga Journal Conferences.  Best-loved for her style, humor, & deep humanity, Debbie’s classes are challenging, heart-pumping, and laugh-out-loud hilarious.  Debbie has served people living in impoverished areas of Africa and low-income families living in North America as well as coached & mentored famous athletes in multiple sports with a mission to support others in being the best they can be.


tannis kobrinsky Tanya B. Clothing | Urban Legends | the Ambassadors

Tannis Kobrinsky: Los Angeles, CA

Tannis began ballet studies at the tender age of four.  By 16 she was dancing professionally and teaching ballet and jazz.  She’s taught movement and fitness in Los Angeles for over 30 years. A certified BASI Pilates instructor, she studied directly with Pilates Master Rael Isacowitz, and has taught Pilates for 11 years.  She is also a GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® instructor, certified by Juliu Horvath.  Her classes blend together healing energetics, dance stretch, core strengthening moves and yoga breathing. Her students range from novices to dancers and athletes.  Find Tannis teaching in Los Angeles at ATP Specific Training, two YMCAS, Silver Lake Yoga, Brazilian Yoga and Pilates, and USC.   New this year she’s returned to her dancer roots. Come “Dance Around the World with Tannis” at HM157, and learn a new dance from a different country and era each class.

Thoughts on Tanya B.

Canadian born mind-body-movement expert Tannis, who is the star/creator/producer of the well received Pilates fusion DVD “WELL worked out with Tannis” loves the look and feel of tanya-b.


kellie lin knott Tanya B. Clothing | Urban Legends | the Ambassadors

Kellie Lin Knott: Wisconsin

In 20 years of performance & songwriting, award-winning singer-songwriter & yoga teacher Kellie Lin Knott has released 5 CDs and performed her original songs in festivals, house concerts, colleges, yoga studios & listening rooms nationwide. Songs from her most recent solo CD, Comfortable, (folk-rock) won multiple awards and media mentions. Knott is also a certified vinyasa yoga teacher, and performs live original music for yoga classes and does workshops on songwriting, yoga & creativity. Her newest CD in progress is a collection of light-hearted and fun pop songs that speak to her experiences on the yoga mat and off. Knott believes the yoga mat represents real life. Her yoga songs are universal, fresh & fun. Kellie Lin believes that teaching yoga and writing and singing original songs both come from the same place – the place where possibility exists and thrives and transformation is available to all. She often collaborates with yoga teacher and Yoga Life Coach™, Deborah Williamson on special events around the world. More information on Kellie is available at or


jennifer pastiloff Tanya B. Clothing | Urban Legends | the Ambassadors

Jennifer Pastiloff: Los Angeles, CA

“You can’t take yourself too seriously.” That is what Jennifer Pastiloff, a yoga teacher based in Santa Monica, Ca. tells her students. In fact, her rule of “if you fall, you MUST laugh” is strongly enforced. Having a sense of humor is key in her teachings as well as finding your own inner joy.   She is the creator of “Manifestation Yoga”: causing Breakthroughs in Your Life Through Your Yoga, and travels the country leading “What are you Manifesting in Your Life?” workshops with wine tastings after. She also leads retreats to the Ojai valley twice a year and to Italy.  Jen has studied extensively (and probably will be for the rest of her life) with the amazing Annie Carpenter, who is now at Exhale in Venice, Ca.  Jen is also a writer, a poet, and a featured columnist for ‘Elephant Journal’ and ‘LA Yoga”.

The most important misson in Jennifer’s life right now is G.A.M.E. or Gifts And Miracles Everyday: Free Yoga for Kids with Special Needs.  She created this organization after she learned her nephew had a rare genetic disorder called Prader Willi Syndrome.

Thoughts on Tanya B.

“I have a body. I have a booty and a bosom. (Bosom is so old fashioned but it seemed to fit here. I am a poet, after all). Tanya’s clothes flatter my body in a way that none other do..  I am convinced that she made them just for me. Although I doubt that because when I see someone else in her gear they also look amazing. I get stopped constantly when I wear her stuff. And do I wear it! I wear it to teach, to practice and to go out at night! What’s great is I literally LIVE in yoga clothes because I work so much, so to find clothes that suit me in all areas of my life is priceless. Her colors are so brave and so unique and conversely, when I wear her stuff I actually feel that way. My teaching is all about self-expression and joy and in Tanya-B I have found just that.”

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