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College Football Analysis: Returning Pac-12 Offensive Firepower

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Previously we took a look at the returning offensive firepower in the ACC, Big 12 and the SEC. Now it's time to look at the Pac-12 (that's what we are calling it now, right?) and find out who has the most ammunition coming back from last year.

Passing TPY RPY % Yardage Returning
Arizona 4000 4000 100.00%
UCLA 1693 1693 100.00%
Oregon State 2465 2454 99.55%
Stanford 3357 3339 99.46%
Washington State 2870 2841 98.99%
Oregon 3160 2874 90.95%
USC 3142 2800 89.12%
Utah 3069 2334 76.05%
Colorado 2672 1125 42.10%
California 2098 689 32.84%
Arizona State 3437 903 26.27%
Washington 2475 210 8.48%

*TPY= 2010 total passing yards

*RPY= Passing Yards from 2010 for players returning in 2011

Two-thirds of the conference is in good shape in terms of passing production returning. Of course, the guy Stanford has coming back is a little better than some of those other guys. Of the teams with less than 50% of production returning ASU might be in the best shape as they think they have their man in Brock Osweiler. Cal and Washington will be breaking in a new gun but both coaches have a lot of experience in that department. Senior Tyler Hansen should be the choice for Colorado where he completed 68% of his passes last year despite throwing as many picks as TDs. Overall, the QB position is a position of strength in the Pac-12.

Rushing TRY RRY % Yardage Returning
UCLA 2107 2107 100.00%
Colorado 1642 1629 99.21%
Arizona State 1671 1652 98.86%
Stanford 2779 2395 86.18%
Washington 2238 1892 84.54%
Oregon 3739 3121 83.47%
Arizona 1712 1139 66.53%
USC 2467 1199 48.60%
Washington State 1092 502 45.97%
California 1906 695 36.46%
Utah 1988 459 23.09%
Oregon State 1453 228 15.69%

*TRY= 2010 Total Rushing Yards

*RRY= Rushing Yards from 2010 for players returning in 2011

Half of the field brings back over 80% of production including some real talent in LaMichael James (Oregon), Chris Polk (Washington), Stepfan Taylor (Stanford), Rodney Stewart (Colorado) and Jonathan Franklin (UCLA). Cal and Utah are the only teams so far in the bottom 5 of for both returning passing and rushing (but that shouldn't be too much of a problem for Utah from a QB perspective unless Wynn goes down). Out of the 4 conferences we've looked at so far (ACC, Big 12, SEC, Pac-12) Oregon State has the lowest percentage of rushing yardage back this year.

Receiving TotRec RetRec % Receptions Returning
UCLA 162 159 98.15%
Arizona 357 298 83.47%
Arizona State 279 224 80.29%
California 185 145 78.38%
Washington 205 154 75.12%
Washington State 227 158 69.60%
Colorado 237 157 66.24%
Oregon State 219 123 56.16%
USC 278 141 50.72%
Oregon 247 122 49.39%
Stanford 266 108 40.60%
Utah 248 100 40.32%

Utah is in the bottom two in both receiving and rushing which could spell trouble for them in their first year in the conference. The next four on the bottom all return experience at QB which should somewhat negate their loss of receivers. Arizona is the team to watch here as they return a ton of passing yards and a ton of production at both the WR and QB positions. Despite being second to UCLA in percentage of receptions returning they return almost twice as many receptions. ASU, Cal and Washington fans will all be glad to see that they have a lot of production returning at receiver to help out their new QBs.


Taking into account the three metrics above (passing yards returning, rushing yards returning and receptions returning) as well as the overall percentage of the metric the team returned (for example: Oregon returned the 6th highest percentage of rushing yards but overall had the most rushing yardage returning so that factored them in as the top team in terms of rushing) I have compiled a "firepower" ranking which tells us which teams have the most offensive statistics returning from last year. What does this mean? I think it means different things for different teams but for consistency sake it means a lot for teams that have guys coming back. This is an interesting tool to use in conjunction with who teams having coming to challenge for playing time.

1. Arizona

2. Oregon


4. Stanford

5. Arizona State

6. Washington State

7. Colorado

8. USC

9. Washington

10. Oregon State

11. California

12. Utah