Animal Rights
Animal Rights

Sweden Burns Bunnies to Generate Electricity - and Outrage

| by PETA

Little known fact about Stockholm: Thousands of rabbits are shot and killed in the city's Kungsholmen neighborhood every year. To up the gross quotient, the city has taken to freezing the bunnies' bodies and shipping them off to a power plant, where they are burned to generate electricity. Eww … it gives a new, vomit-worthy meaning to the term "green," that's for sure.

And if that's not nauseating enough, Stockholm assassins authorities say that many of the rabbits are tame bunnies who were turned loose by people who no longer wanted them. Folks, let this serve as a reminder to never, ever set a domesticated animal loose. Don't even think about it.

I used to have trouble imagining that people could be so irresponsible until my mom discovered two domesticated bunnies, Eddie and Lewie, hopping around in a neighbor's yard. They narrowly escaped becoming a hawk's dinner after chewing their way out of their dilapidated hutches on the next street over. Their owner had no interest in retrieving them, so they rule the roost at Mom's house now. (Shameless plug: Lewie is Mr. April in PETA's 2010 calendar.)

If you're not the kind of scum who would turn a helpless animal loose to fend for him or herself, then step up and be a hero to the animals who have had the misfortune to fall out of someone's hands. Whenever you encounter strays, for heaven's sake, take them to a reputable animal shelter or bring them into your home where they will be safe until you are able to locate their guardian or find them a new home. Wouldn't you want someone to do the same if, heaven forbid, your angel were to accidentally slip out the door?