Super Bowl Performer Pete Townshend of The Who a Sex Offender?

| by Mark Berman Opposing Views

Legendary rock band The Who will arrive in Miami sometime next week to play the Super Bowl halftime show. But their arrival has sparked a child advocacy group into action, warning parents that a band member is a dangerous sex offender.

Back in 2003, guitarist Pete Townshend was arrested for accessing child pornography on the Internet. He didn't dispute that. But he claimed he was doing research for a memoir that was going to include his own dark history of being abused as a child. Following an investigation, police in London declined to press charges.

But the lack of charges means nothing to the group called "Protect Our Children." It has mailed out more than a thousand cards to people living in the immediate vicinity of Sun Life Stadium, warning them of Townshend's impending arrival.

On its Web site, "Protect Our Children" writes:

Residents have been informed that a British national, Peter Townshend, will be in the area on or before February 7th, for the N.F.L. Super Bowl event. Townshend was registered as a sex offender in the U.K. for an offense related to child-pornography. He will be performing with the musical group: “The WHO”.