Summer Updates & Events from Les Leventhal

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Yogis across the globe – check out what our good friend and teacher, Les Leventhal is up to this summer!

Below is Les’ Latest Newsletter – enjoy!

les leventhal Summer Updates & Events from Les Leventhal

Summer Time Summer Time Sum Sum Summer Time


In this gracefully aging body, I have found new life and new inspirations, all manifesting from the practice of yoga.  From the key ingredients of the word Namaste, I feel a renewed sense of prana flowing in all directions.  During a recent meditation, the word Namaste kept coming up and the question of what is this, and we hear it so much – that which is the eternal flame and light of life and birth and rebirth and renewal in me honors all that is that same sacred light of life and birth and rebirth and renewal in you.  It was revealed to me that there are key ingredients (like a yummy cake) to the cause and effect in granting this statement of love to one another.  These ingredients are the Yamas and Niyamas, the first 2 limbs in the 8 limbs of yoga.  We never need to be in the same place to effect an at oneness in spirit and love but rather we honor one another and hold sacred loving space that we might all be on this journey of life together, enjoying waves of yama and niyama at different times, throughout the many circumstances of life that bring us suka (comfort) and duka (suffering).

So, in yet another complete reorganization of how I live my life, not only am I practicing the yamas and niyamas in and around yoga studios, I am truly pausing before everything that I do and questioning which yama(s) and/or niyama(s) am I either practicing or contributing in an effective way to create a sense of home and community for everyone.  This also means that I continue this gift of service, teaching yoga and have many many ways for you to come and play with us all summer long.

I’m just going to give you a list of love and let you know that you can find more information on my website or at the studios that I have listed.  A very wise teacher, Kumar, told me to simplify (so I have my work cut out for me for that for sure).


I leave tonight for Australia – first stop Perth – contact [email protected] for 5 workshops June 17, 18 and 19.  Next stop is Melbourne where I will be teaching at 2 studios – Yoga Tree Elsternwick, June 22-26 and Hot Box Yoga, Windsor, June 22-25.  Final stop in the tour of amazing Oz is Sydney.  I am teaching 2 master classes at Body Mind Monday and Tuesday June 27 and 28 (my birthday the big 43 – old man take a look at my life – I’m a lot like you…) and then my super fun hips and twists workshop on Saturday July 2nd.


Uncle Les comes home for lots of teaching – teaching all my regular classes at Yoga Tree ( beginning July 5th and…..if you can’t get enough Yoga With Les……. I am honored and privileged to be subbing for one my earliest and most amazing teachers, Rusty Wells, at Urban Flow Yoga ( on the following dates/times: Wed 7/6 6:15pm, Sat 7/9 9:00am, Sun 7/10 11:00am, Mon 7/11 6:15pm and Wed 7/13 6:15pm.

Yoga and River Rafting – July 16th (and August 6th, 1 day retreat on the Stanislaus River – 2 x 1 hour yoga classes with live drumming and lotsa sweet rafting and lunch and snacks – only $80 for the whole day. Register @ Sunshine Rafting Adventures 800.829.7238 or

New Videos – we’ll be shooting new videos in July – be on the lookout for some of the current video podcasts being migrated to ipad/iphone apps and mobile device apps and the new videos will be video apps only.

Be on the lookout for a Facebook migration to a Fan Page as I approach, what facebook might call, a limit on love.


Bali Bali Bali – there is 1 room left for a couple (or two friends to share a king bed) and 2 spaces left in the shared room/bath building.  Go to

That we are even able to communicate with each other in this way makes us very lucky and loved people.  Everyone is loved, including you and this is just another one of those opportunities for me to say I Love You, exactly as you are and I know you love me.  Please make sure you do some abs while I’m gone for my San Francisco lovers and for those of you I’m about to see down under (where it’s not summer) – I’m bringing some heart and heat………

The perfect ingredients for the most delicious cake……..



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