Adidas Unveils: adiZero Crazy Light, World’s Lightest Basketball Sneaker

| by RefinedHype

By Danielle Harling

For all you ballers out there who (although you might not like to admit it) may need a little extra help on the basketball court you may want to check out Adidas’ latest sneaker. According to Adidas, their new adiZero Crazy Light sneaker is the world’s lightest basketball sneaker.

Now I’m sure the adiZero Crazy Light won’t take you from zero to hero, but the lightweight design is said to increase traction by self-cleaning. Yes, thanks to the intricate design these sneakers can actually clean themselves. Unfortunately, it’s not as futuristic as it sounds. It’s just easier for the sneaker to rid itself of dust and other debri because of its design.

“Dust is the enemy,” Adidas designer Robbie Fuller explained to “That’s where all the traction gets lost. You need something that’s going to be able to almost clean itself during the game.”

As far as the specifics of the adiZero Crazy Light, the sneaker weighs 9.8 ounces and will come in four different color schemes including sharp blue/white, black/red/white, gray/white/neon green, and red/white.

Since the adiZero isn’t as bulky as your regular basketball sneaker the look is a little bit different. The sole of the sneaker and the overall look is very slimming. And the sneaker still boasts Adidas’ signature three stripes.

The adiZero Crazy Light will be available for purchase for $130 starting in June of this year.