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College Football Analysis: Returning Big 12 Offensive Firepower

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Previously we took a look at the returning offensive firepower in the SEC. Now it's time to look at the most explosive offensive conference, the Big 12, and find out who has the most horsepower coming back from last year. 

Passing TPY RPY % Yardage Returning
Oklahoma 4807 4807 100.00%
Oklahoma State 4496 4496 100.00%
Baylor 3649 3649 100.00%
Texas 2784 2784 100.00%
Kansas 1942 1942 100.00%
Texas A&M 3599 1652 45.90%
Iowa State 2091 388 18.56%
Kansas State 2331 166 7.12%
Missouri 3292 106 3.22%
Texas Tech 4146 58 1.40%

*TPY= 2010 total passing yards

*RPY= Passing Yards from 2010 for players returning in 2011

There is a lot of QB talent returning the Big 12 this year. Sure Blaine Gabbert took his talent to the NFL but Landry Jones, Brandon Wheedon, Robert Griffin, Garrett Gilbert and Ryan Tannehill all return. It's safe to say we will once again see the ball being thrown all over the field in the Big 12. 

Rushing TRY RRY % Yardage Returning
Texas 1806 1798 99.56%
Texas A&M 2145 1999 93.19%
Missouri 2033 1786 87.85%
Kansas 1615 1353 83.78%
Texas Tech 1837 979 53.29%
Baylor 2530 1312 51.86%
Oklahoma State 2267 709 31.27%
Iowa State 1718 485 28.23%
Oklahoma 1942 477 24.56%
Kansas State 2590 552 21.31%

*TRY= 2010 Total Rushing Yards

*RRY= Rushing Yards from 2010 for players returning in 2011

The team that led the league in rushing offense last year, Nebraska, is gone. Kansas State, Baylor and Oklahoma State finished next in rushing last year and they all have a lot of talent to replace. I think out of those three teams that depend on the run the most Oklahoma State is in the best position to replace the yardage that they lost. Once again Kansas State and Iowa State are near the bottom of the barrel in offensive returning production.

Receiving TotRec RetRec % Receptions Returning
Missouri 312 312 100.00%
Texas A&M 311 301 96.78%
Baylor 313 278 88.82%
Oklahoma State 357 279 78.15%
Kansas 203 150 73.89%
Oklahoma 414 295 71.26%
Texas 262 172 65.65%
Texas Tech 406 213 52.46%
Iowa State 211 95 45.02%
Kansas State 189 80 42.33%

*TotRec= Total 2010 Receptions

*RetRec= Receptions from 2010 for players returning in 2011

Baylor was 4th in the Big 12 in passing last year and they return almost all of their production at QB and WR, so look for them to continue to improve their passing game.  Same goes for Okie State, which was 2nd in the Big 12 in passing yardage last year. Kansas State and Iowa State once again bring up the rear in offensive returning production. Looking at the receptions returning it's clear that there is a lot of receiving talent returning. We already knew that was the case with guys like Justin Blackmon and Ryan Broyles coming back to school but this just punctuates it for us.


Taking into account the three metrics above (passing yards returning, rushing yards returning and receptions returning) I have compiled a "firepower" ranking which tells us which teams have the most offensive statistics returning from last year. What does this mean? I think it means different things for different teams but for consistency sake it means a lot for teams that have guys coming back. This is an interesting tool to use in conjunction with who teams having coming to challenge for playing time. In these rankings there was very little difference between #2 Texas and #6 Kansas, in terms of returning production those teams returned about the same amount (of course the talent difference at Texas and Okie State is on a different level than that at Kansas). The drop-off for the bottom 3 teams (Texas Tech, Iowa State and Kansas State) is size-able. It will be very interesting to see how those teams react to losing so much senior leadership, especially Tech since it will be Tuberville's second season.

1. Texas A&M

2. Texas

3. Baylor

4. Oklahoma State

5. Missouri

6. Kansas

7. Oklahoma

8. Texas Tech

9. Iowa State

10. Kansas State