Spring Workshops with Alanna Kaivalya at Core Power Yoga | Boulder & Denver, CO April 30th- May 2nd

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Attention Colorado Yogis! Join one of our favorite teachers, Alanna Kaivalya for a weekend of asana and mantra in the mountains.

Deepen your practice as you find out the truth about yoga myths, explore the seven chakras, and learn the art of assisting. Alanna will be hosting three incredible workshops at Core Power Yoga in both Denver and Boulder Saturday, April 30- Monday, May 2.

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Alanna Kaivalya

The Myths of the Asanas | Saturday, April 30th South Boulder: 2-4pm

Who is the Warrior behind Virabhadrasana I, II and III? Why does Hanuman have three poses in his honor? What makes King Dancer pose so regal? The myths of yoga’s spiritual tradition have the power to change old patterns of behavior, providing us with enlightened insight that brings us closer to who we really are. All of these myths and more will be explored in this Jivamukti Yoga workshop which will include some lecture, lots of asana, a little chanting and a lot of insight.

The Essence of the Chakras | Sunday, May 1st Cherry Hills  9-11am

Each of the seven chakras are sacred energy centers that give us information about where we need to direct our yoga practice – like a road map on the highway to liberation. Through the use of yoga asana and mantra, we’ll delve deeply into the energetic patterns held within our bodies to discover the blockages and resistance preventing us from experiencing a constant state of happiness. Be prepared for some lecture and rigorous vinyasa yoga practice.

The Art of Adjustments | Monday, May 2nd Cherry Hills 6-8pm

Yoga practitioners derive tremendous benefit from effective adjustments. This workshop will explore the principles behind save and transformative hands-on assists. All types of adjustments will be covered, and an understanding of how to “see” the body and optimize students’ freedom in asanas will be explored. This is a dynamic class and adjustments will be practiced to convey technique, subtlety and mastery.

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