Spring Cleaning with Vasanta Navaratri

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We all need a little surge of spring shakti. Here’s how to get yours!

With the huge south Indian holiday of Vasanta Navaratri just underway, it’s never too late to do a little bit of Goddess worship. Traditionally, you’d do the regular ol’ spring cleaning, getting the house ready to invite Devi (sometimes translated Goddess or shakti) inside, but then also there would be an altar space, a kombha, or pot, made of clay or brass where prayers are kept – Seeds of intention for the season to come.

lotus for spring 1074 300x200 Spring Cleaning with Vasanta Navaratri

In the story of Vasanta Navaratri told by Sri Swami Sivananda, a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, a Prince happened upon pronouncing the Divine Mother’s name, repeating it like a mantra, and he got rewarded with the super-finest of Princesses. Not such a bad deal.

The first day of Spring is on Sunday and I dunno about you, but I’m about ready to shake winter off. It never hurts to invite a little shakti into your abode, churn up your inner soil and plant some seeds of intention for the season to come. Why not see what sprouts? Maybe it’ll be a super fine Princess. Seriously though, with winter no longer able to be your excuse for not getting to class, not getting to work on time, or anything else you can’t get yourself out of bed to do, what’s got your attention and intention for spring? Where’s your bhakti taking you? Put it in the kombha and come back to it. David Campbell said, “Discipline is remembering what you want.” Days are getting longer and it’s high time to fill your home, and yourself, with a surge of shakti.

And hey, if nothing more, you’ll have those dishes piling up all clean and dandy.