Spotlight On Juil Sandals & Footwear | Awaken Your Soles!

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We are absolutely and totally in love with Juil Sandals & Footwear!

These super fashionable and comfortable sandals allow energy to transfer as freely as if you were barefoot!

juil sandals Spotlight On Juil Sandals & Footwear | Awaken Your Soles!

About Juil


The surface of the Earth is alive with an abundant supply of natural energies. Connecting yourself to the surface of the Earth allows for the harmonization and renewal of your essential energy flows with those of the Earth. When you’re more connected, you’re more grounded. Being more grounded renews your body and spirit. When you’re grounded, you’re also more likely to:

~Feel physically and mentally energized

~Notice less chronic tension and pain

~Experience a heightened sense of presence

mens sandals Spotlight On Juil Sandals & Footwear | Awaken Your Soles!

Skeptical? Here’s something more tangible…

An infinite source of negatively charged free electrons flow throughout the Earth’s surface. Walking barefoot awakens the natural healing powers of the Earth by allowing these electrons to disperse, attach, and neutralize harmful free radicals roaming throughout your body. These free radicals have been commonly implicated in the development of inflammatory and degenerative diseases.

As we know, walking barefoot isn’t always the most practical; this is where our Energy Flow Technology™ separates our sandals from the rest. While the soles of traditional footwear block this energy movement, leaving stressors and radicals in our bodies, the copper conductors in the soles of Juil sandals discharge and absorb the Earth’s natural energies and electrons.

Wearing Juil sandals provides a connection…and a very elegant one at that.

woman sandals Spotlight On Juil Sandals & Footwear | Awaken Your Soles!

What the Experts are Saying about Juil…

This is what Dr. Carol Davis, chair of Department of Physical Therapy at University of Miami, has to say about Juil Sandals:

Everyone has heard of “free radicals” in our bodies which occur in greater numbers when we are exposed to toxins and pesticides and things that are toxic to our tissue.

Free radicals are atoms which are ions in search of an electron to become a stable atom, so they “attack” healthy tissue to rob the cells’ atoms  of electrons to become stable.

Once healthy cells are attacked and robbed of electrons, they become vulnerable to infection and germs which can move across damaged cell walls more easily to get inside the cells to cause infection and inflammation.

We know that we can prevent this damaging of healthy tissue from attacking free radicals by eating vegetables and fruit and taking vitamins that add electrons to our bodies, so that the free radicals can be balanced from our food, and do not have to attack our cells to get the extra electrons.

Well, now we realize that another bountiful source of electrons to balance free radicals comes from the iron core of the planet earth – rising up through the soil and sand, and when we go barefoot, or wear shoes with natural soles, the electrons from the earth are able to pass through the soles of our feet and get into our system and be as available to balance out the attacking free radicals as the electrons from the anti-oxidant food and supplements that we eat.

In the past 50 years, we have become more exposed to toxins in the environment, and we have become more accustomed to wearing rubber soled shoes, and many believe this combination has contributed to a skyrocketing of chronic inflammatory diseases.

Ober, Sinatra and Zucker in their text, Earthing, (2010. Laguna Beach CA:Basic Health Publications)  chronical the discovery of how being exposed to the electrons from the earth helps diminish pain and suffering from chronic illness.

Bottom line –  exposing our bodies, particularly the soles of our feet, to the abundance of electrons available on the surface of the earth helps prevent chronic inflammation and illness.

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