Spotlight on Hale Holistic | San Diego’s Hot New Yoga & Fitness Mecca

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Hale Holistic was created to bring some fresh perspective to the yoga and fitness scene in San Diego, CA…

If you live in or are visiting the San Diego area, make it a priority to stop by this beautiful new space!


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About Hale Holistic

From the website:

Hale Holistic is a fitness studio specializing in balance: the balance of strength and finesse; the balance of body, mind and spirit; the balance between East and West. We believe that through balance we can create a healthy lifestyle formula to address the challenges of our fast-paced, urban lifestyle and to stimulate our inherent fire.

Hale Holistic offers a complete approach to health and fitness, with individualized personal fitness training as well as moderately priced yoga and kickboxing classes.  Why yoga and kickboxing? Great question. Here’s the short answer: We think that yoga offers amazing guidance, whether you approach well-being through your body, your mind, or your soul. It’s a great foundation for finding balance in your life. But we also think that no matter how much meditating you do, sometimes you just want to punch something. In the Stone Age, we addressed this basic desire with clubs; in the Old West, six-shooters. In the 21st century, kickboxing lets you harness your natural human instinct in a constructive manner instead of suppressing it. That’s the short answer. There’s much more, of course. We invite you to join us and see for yourself.

We offer free organic, green smoothies to our clients after classes and individual sessions. Our Leafy Greens smoothies are packed with organic ingredients from local farms and our very own urban rooftop garden!  Because drinking green stuff just feels good.

hale holistic definition Spotlight on Hale Holistic | San Diegos Hot New Yoga & Fitness Mecca

Here is what Hale Holistic owner, Kirk Hensler, has to say:

“Studios should be in line with the principles and philosophies they are teaching, and that is our primary goal.  We are affordable, sustainable, and pretty awesome.  Our teachers are amazing people who live the lifestyle they are teaching, and it is apparent in their work.  The organic rooftop garden reminds us that we are a very capable, basically bad ass species, and we can reclaim some of our independence and self sufficiency even in the middle of the city.  This space is about empowerment, and attracting people that want to feel their full human potential.  It’s a modest project, not world changing, but it is a model for what this industry could be doing more of; practicing the teachings in all areas.”


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Class Offerings

Some things just go together. Peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, now yoga and kickboxing. Two opposing forces coming together to create something amazing. Whether you are searching for something to help you decompress at the end of the day or want to blow off some steam from the guy who cut you off on the 5, we have an answer for you. Tap into your calm and your fire and find some balance in between. Our yoga and kickboxing classes are only $10 and will help get you on your way to dealing with life, as it is.


At Hale Holistic, we offer real yoga, designed for real people. People who swear when they’re angry. People who sleep late sometimes. People who don’t speak Sanskrit. We believe that a steady yoga practice will leave you feeling healthier, happier, and more aware of your body and its remarkable abilities. But we also know that you won’t create a steady practice if you don’t enjoy the experience.  
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Our kickboxing classes combine authentic fighting techniques with energizing body weight exercises. We offer a range of choices to accommodate your levels of experience and fitness. We’ll meet you where you are. You’ll learn to strike accurately and powerfully with your hands and feet. 
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Personal Training

Our trainers will orchestrate the most diverse workouts you can imagine, customized to be as unique as you are. We invite you join us to create your individual fitness solution at our beautiful, sustainable studio. You’ll be comfortable in your surroundings and have access to an ever-changing variety of fitness choices.
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Leafy Greens Garden & Smoothies

This is where the dream started. We visualized a rooftop garden in the middle of the city, a combination of so many of the things we love and believe in. We wanted the cultural, social, and economical benefits of city life, while still keeping in touch with our food roots…literally. We wanted to successfully integrate urban living with agricultural self-sufficiency. And we wanted to make a life-changing organic green smoothie. Seriously. We think green smoothies can change lives. They’re the alkaline prescription for our acidic world. And our Leafy Green smoothies are delicious and unbelievably healthy, packed with superfoods and antioxidants that you won’t find in any other smoothie out there. We’ll tell you more about it when you visit. A lot more, if you’ll let us. We’re pretty passionate about it.

With southern California weather and the right space, a lot of food can be grown right here in the city. We grow our vegetables in the Leafy Greens rooftop garden, and we use the harvests for our delicious green smoothies. What we don’t grow on site, we purchase from local, sustainable farmers. As city dwellers, it’s easy to rely on the thousands of nearby food vendors to satisfy our appetites. Often, however, that food hasn’t lived a very proud life. As we become more aware of our footprint on this Earth, it’s not as acceptable to turn a blind eye to the source of the food we eat. We believe it’s important to know where our food comes from and what it can do for us. And, for the record, we also believe in the occasional cheeseburger. Sustainably raised, of course.

But, again, it’s about balance. Let’s start with a delicious smoothie. We’ll figure out the rest from there.


hale Spotlight on Hale Holistic | San Diegos Hot New Yoga & Fitness Mecca


There’s something unique about Hale Holistic that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else. I appreciate the combination of yoga and kickboxing but I absolutely love the addition of the garden and green smoothies!  Hale Holistic isn’t stuffy and corporate but it isn’t hippie dippie either. By far my favorite thing about it is the smoothie, though. Forget that green smoothie stuff at the farmer’s markets, this is where its at! - Megan L.

This place is a hidden gem! I just started getting into yoga and really enjoyed hale holistic.  I had heard about the class from the coffee shop down the street from where I live and I have been frequenting this place at least twice a week ever since. The teachers are super knowledgeable, friendly, and create a great workout. They also have kickboxing classes!  The kickboxing class here is probably the best I have ever taken.  After each class you get a green smoothie. Overall great experience and encourage others to check it out. - Diana G.

Brilliant concept, dreamy facility, genuine trainers, blissful vibrations. I have been training with Kirk for quite some time now, and his exquisite communication combined with boundless knowledge and intuition makes him incomparable.  Hale Holistic is well rounded yet very specialized with fitness training, kickboxing, yoga, and green smoothies that are basically medicine for the mind and body. To not check this place out would be criminal! Because of Hale, I have learned to balance my life in all areas, from mental to physical.  To call this a gym would be an insult, this place is heaven.Cassiopeia H.


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