Spotlight on Choco By Chloe | Yoga T-Shirts by a Yoga Teacher

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Looking for some fun yoga-gear? Choco by Chloe is here!

Choco by Chloe Hallock is a fun, funky line of t-shirts created by yoga teacher and model, Chloe Hallock. Learn more about Chloe and her line below:

chloe hallock Spotlight on Choco By Chloe | Yoga T Shirts by a Yoga Teacher

About Choco by Chloe

Choco Designs is a company that is passionate about yoga! We hope that our products will inspire you and increase your passion for yoga and life. It all started with some fun drawings and some creative Christmas presents for our yogi friends. Well, two shirts turned into four shirts, which then turned into our first sold out batch of t-shirts made with yogis in mind. We are currently working on a second round of shirts with a couple of our favorite designs and down the road you might find sports bras, shorts and even bags.

choco by chloe Spotlight on Choco By Chloe | Yoga T Shirts by a Yoga Teacher

About Chloe

Chloe Hallock will tell you she is the luckiest girl in the world. At the ripe old age of 22 she is a certified Bikram and Vinyasa Instructor, an up and coming model, and an aspiring clothing designer with her own yoga based active wear line, Choco. “It all comes down to Yoga” says the young entrepreneur.  “I started taking yoga classes when I was 13 and never stopped. The way I felt after was incomparable to anything else. I knew immediately this would always be a part of my life.” And so it has been. Chloe completed her Vinyasa training the summer of 2007 with Corepower Yoga and promptly took her skills around the world, teaching yoga on her Semester at Sea voyage that Fall. She traveled to 13 different countries in 3 months, including India where she went on a yoga retreat in Chennai. “It was magical to be in the birthplace of my passion, I plan on spending at least a few years in India at some point.” This past fall she completed the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, a nine week incredibly intensive test of will, endurance and sheer commitment. Needless to say, she nailed it and is now teaching Bikram Yoga full time in Portland. In addition, she just placed second in the Oregon Regional Yoga Asana Championship for the second year in a row and will be representing Oregon in the Nationals (and hopefully Internationals!) this March.

Modeling fell into Chloe’s lap when she was asked to model for a sustainable outdoor wear company out of Portland, called Nau. From there her career has taken off, she is signed with agencies in Portland and Seattle and regularly works for clients such as Apple, Nike, and Converse. Chloe also does runway work, swimsuit, high fashion, commercial and glamour. Obviously yoga modeling is her specialty but she is truly versatile, a rare commodity in the industry.

chloe 3 682x1024 Spotlight on Choco By Chloe | Yoga T Shirts by a Yoga Teacher

Choco, Chloe’s yoga based active wear line, was created last winter when she was looking for a way to get her artwork out into the world. ”I have always been an artist. I used to finger-paint in my tutus as a little girl”.  Chloe has used numerous mediums, such as paint, pastel, clay, collage, and pencil over the years. “I started using felt pens in 2006 and really enjoyed the effects I was getting. My step mother suggested I print some of my drawings on tee shirts for Christmas presents and everyone loved them. I decided to go with it and started screen printing my yoga inspired drawings and selling them to studios and gyms.” Thus, Choco (named after her cat) was born. Chloe plans to expand her line into yoga wear, including mats and yoga bags.   Choco is currently being sold and worn all over the world, including the US, UK, Asia, Sweden, Australia, Malta and Mexico.

While luck is on her side, Chloe’s ambitious nature has enabled her to take advantage of these many opportunities and certainly the best is yet to come.


Take a look at this very impressive video if Chloe at her most recent yoga championship!

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