Stuart Scott is Battling Cancer Again

| by Alex Groberman

ESPN anchor Stuart Scott, one of the network’s most recognizable faces, announced on Monday that he was once again preparing to battle cancer. This is at least the second time in six years that the 47-year-old has been forced to confront this disease head on. He previously underwent chemotherapy in 2007 and 2011.

A consummate professional, Stuart made his announcement on Twitter and then proceeded to work the evening’s SportsCenter program like nothing had happened. While he hasn’t divulged all that many details regarding what impact his most recent fight with cancer figures to have on his career, it’s probably a safe bet that he will continue to do what he has been doing so long as his body allows him to.

Here are a few of the tweets he sent out (notice the positive tone throughout):

Stuart’s decision to invoke Livestrong in his tweets serves as a reminder that the organization was and is more than just a symbol of Lance Armstrong’s fall from grace. Regardless of what it did specifically for cancer research, and despite the fact that it was originally built on a lie, it has and does serve as something really meaningful for a lot of survivors out there. Armstrong should be punished for what he did (more than anything, for the fury with which he targeted his perceived foes); Livestrong however, should continue to be recognized for what it always has been.

Here is to hoping that a legend in the sports business, a guy who is equally respected amongst the athletes he covers and fans who have grown up watching him, bounces back as swiftly and strongly as we all expect him to.

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