Media Amazed by 3-Year-Old 'Golf Prodigy' Who Misses Putts (Video)

| by Michael Allen

"Baby James" Grimes is only three years old, but he is already being touted as a "golf prodigy" by the media.

While it is somewhat unusual to see a toddler on a golf course, it's not unheard of.

Nevertheless, the media have been praising "Baby James," who plays at the Abita Springs Golf Club in Louisiana with his parents.

While "Baby James" can tee off and knock the ball in the fairway, he misses quite a few putts in a recent report by WWLTV, which falsely stated, "He hits every ball with amazing precision" (video below).

The toddler started playing golf when he was 18 months old and is going to play in his first tournament in June, although it's not clear which tournament that is.

While "Baby James" made a few putts from very short distances, it seems premature to tout him as a prodigy, but that's exactly what WWLTV did.

Not to be outdone, declared in its headline, "Next Tiger Woods? ‘Baby James’ a Golf Prodigy in the Making."

USA Today stated in its headline, "Meet an adorable 3-year-old who can putt better than you."

If that's truly the case, then you should give up golfing.

Sources: USA Today,, WWLTV