This Two-Year-Old Loves Hockey More Than Life Itself

| by Jonathan Wolfe

Everyone, meet Tyler Avolia.

This young Pittsburgh Penguins fan is the best thing on the internet right now, and should be made the face of the Penguins franchise as soon as possible.

Avolia’s rise to fame started when Pittsburgh’s camera crew caught him doing this following a Sidney Crosby goal this season:

Pittsburgh news station WTAE followed up with Avolia’s family after the infamous shot went viral, and this little guy is just as awesome at home as he is at Pen’s games.

"For Easter, we got him baseball stuff, but he's still just interested in hockey,” said Hillary Avolia, Tyler’s mom. “Everything goes back to hockey.”

The Aviola’s living room is his personal hockey arena, and he lets his mom know who he's playing as before every "game."

“I want to be Sidney, mom,” he says.

Oh, and he also makes everyone sing the National Anthem with him before he plays. Hockey and America. This kid could not be any more awesome if he tried.

Do yourself a favor and check out WTAE’s interview with him: