NHL Forward Ryan Malone Has No Clue How That Cocaine Got There

| by Jonathan Wolfe

The tough times continue for free agent NHL forward Ryan Malone.

At the end of last season, the Tampa Bay Lightning gave him a swift kick to the curb by buying out his contract, and he’s garnered little attention on the free agent market since.

Malone’s troubles escalated to a new level this week when, in the midst of being arrested for a DUI, police found 1.3 grams of cocaine on him.

According to a police report acquired by the Tamba Bay Times, Malone reacted to the finding with the most tired line in drug possession history: I have no clue how that got there.

“Oh my god,” Malone told Officer Andrew Visser, before saying he was completely "baffled."

"I asked where it came from," Visser wrote in the police report, "and he said he was just shocked."

Very creative, Ryan.

Malone was, of course, booked on the DUI and charged with cocaine possession. His court date is scheduled for August 19.