Mike Komisarek Demands Trade

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It would appear as though Mike Komisarek has pulled a Garnett Exelby. A much more costly one at that. The ineffective, overpaid and rarely played defenseman has apparently submitted a list of 12 teams he would accept a trade to. Almost as if anybody cares. I’m sure the Toronto Maple Leafs would accept a 7th rounder five years from now were there a market for the lumbering defender. Oddly enough though, this request might have actually just created a market for him though.

The minimum wage, Islanders whose only aspiration is to reach the cap floor could be interested in the disgruntled defender. His cap hit is $4.5M, which would almost make up for the loss of Tim Thomas’ cap hit if the NHL doesn’t allow them to toll it, but the salary is only $3.5M. They currently have the lowest payroll and cap hit of the entire NHL for 2013-14 hovering somewhere in the neighbourhood of $29M. They are certainly going to have to get creative to reach the salary cap floor of $44M.

As weird as this sounds, don’t count Montreal out either. They have a bordering on useless defensemen carrying nearly the same cap hit, with only one year left on his contract. If you guessed I’m referring to Tomas Kaberle, bingo. The move would make sense for a number of reasons. Both players would be returning to the place where they played their best hockey. Both teams have the cap space to make them a healthy scratch if they don’t regain form and if they don’t they can just use their amnesty buyouts on them. Talk about low risk high reward for both teams. What’s the worst that can happen?

Komisarek’s best years are miles behind him, but maybe in the right situation with the right team he can find his form. He’s never looked good as a Leaf though, and be it by trade before seasons end or buyout afterwards don’t expect him to don the blue and white next october. When he was at his best he was a reliable shutdown defensemen, who’d drop the mitts with anyone and generally bring 15 points to the table. Maybe a change of scenery can bring him back to form.

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