Bad Week For the A's

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If you like grunge or the Vancouver Canucks or just words that involve "alt" it's been a bad week for you. Scott Weiland of the alternative rock legend Stone Temple Pilots was kicked out. One alternate captain in Ryan Kesler got hurt only seven games into his season. A former alternate captain in Manny Malhotra is upset with Mike Gillis shutting down his year. Oh the agony. Below WGT will address them all.

Ryan "God" Kesler: Yeah, that god part was a little sarcastic. Gotta poke fun at his ego though, I mean, how can you not? But I digress. It is widely believed that Ryan Kesler suffered his broken foot playing against the Dallas Stars one week ago. He played three games with the injury. He may not have looked hurt, but he certainly didn't look like a player deserving of the nickname "BeastMode" either. Below is a video of the injury.



Expect this injury to result in an increased workload for Jordan Schroeder. Since Kesler's return from offseason wrist and shoulder surgery Schroeder's average TOI has dropped from 14:24 to 11:44. I expect him to get back into the neighbourhood of 15 minutes a game centering Mason Raymond and Jannik Hansen. Their speed creates match-up problems for opposing defenses and was really starting to get things going prior to the Kesler injury.

Manny's Discontent: While Manny Malhotra may feel that he is still capable of playing, the reality is he's maybe a third of the player we had in the first year of his contract. He doesn't agree with Mike Gillis' decision but doesn't question the sincerity of it either. Fair enough. I can't imagine how difficult these last two years have been on him. I just hope he's smart enough to pack it in and start what is sure to be a great career in coaching. He has little to offer anymore in the NHL.

Scott Weiland: Was only a matter of time before he f#$%^& things up with STP. Their last album and tours that followed it sucked. Guess this doesn't belong in a hockey blog...

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