5 Thoughts on Canucks' Win Over Avalanche

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The long awaited return of the WGT Five Thoughts piece is now upon us. Sorry for the delay. That whole life thing always has a way of getting... in the way of things. The matter at the hand though and all that jazz. Ah yes, our beloved Canucks. They continued their dominance over their divisional pseudo "rivals" with an entertaining 3-2 victory. Best of all they did it with nearly half their forwards in a hospital bed. As a matter of fact, there just might be a pointer for every casualty.

1. Where will it end? Where will it end!? If you get that reference to Joy Division's "Day of the Lords" first of all you rock. Second of all, seriously though, when are these injuries going to stop? I'm a little late off the hop commenting on the Canucks injuries at this point, but it's kind of hard not too. Tonight the Canucks had to play without Dale Weise, Steve Pinizzotto, Ryan Kesler and David Booth. If you count Malhotra, my five thoughts piece really did match the number of injuries on this team. If you didn't get the "Where will it end!?" reference, below you can listen to the song I so brilliantly pulled that from. As I was just finishing this note, I found out Weise's shoulder injury is long term. Hurrah!

2. It's official, we were all wrong: Mason Raymond notched his ninth goal of the season on softy that went through J.S. Giggy, but let's not get into semantics. The fact of the matter is, we were all wrong about Raymond. Don't even try to pretend you didn't write off Raymond last season. I'm not trying to get all holier than thou, because I was probably one of twitter's meanest tweeters with regards to Raymond, but he's seriously looking good. Over the course of an 82 game season Raymond would be on pace for 21 goals. That's pretty friggin good, for somebody who was nearly paralyzed.

3. Don't go demanding that trade yet Ballard: Is it just me or does Keith Ballard look vastly more comfortable playing on the wing of the Canucks third line, than he ever has as a defensemen with this team? If there is any silver lining to be found with the slew of injuries the Canucks are dealing with, it's Keith Ballard's play on the wing. Tonight he registered his first point, assisting on a beautiful, and I mean beautiful, Alex Burrows backhand goal. That goal is posted below.

4. How bad is Cam Barker? The short answer is very. Tonight he made a bad pinch in the first that resulted in an early goal, and his encore performance was a bad penalty in the second. I know he's only a depth defenseman, but his time in Vancouver can't end soon enough. Here's to hoping we get a 7th rounder for him at the deadline!

5. F%$* the haters: That was for the much maligned coach. Tonight Alain Vigneault passed Jack Adams for wins with his 417th* career victory. To think, only five games ago there was apparently some uncertainty about his future with the club. Yeah, not so much anymore methinks.

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