Will Atlanta Falcons Find a Way to Work Out a Deal with John Abraham?

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About an hour ago, John Abraham tweeted that he was in Flowery Branch, which included this photograph.  This is surprising because other than Falcons headquarters, there is nothing much to do in Flowery Branch.  On the eve of free agency, it could mean that Abraham is back to discuss, or even sign a contract.

Abraham tweeted the following:

Me in Flowery Branch where in the hell is 

55sis is his sister, and the tweet suggests he is currently in Flowery Branch.

Players tend to clean out all their stuff after the season, especially when they do not have a contract leading into the next season. Next, Abraham usually spends his off season in Atlanta and Miami.  I cannot think of a nightlife on the same level existing in Flowery Branch.

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The most likely reason would be Atlanta wants to get Abraham back in red and black for another few years before he tests the market in free agency in about 28 hours (Tuesday at 4 PM).  This is a huge development for Atlanta's defense which is left without a legitimate pass rusher outside of 55.  With yesterday being perhaps the first day in about a week where Atlanta has not restructured or signed a player, Dimitroff could have spent the day negotiating with Abraham's agent.  With a deal close or in hand, Abraham could be in Flowery Branch to sign on the dotted line.

This move could make sense if Atlanta is as short on cap space as previously reported, taking them out of the Mario Williams hunt.

Thoughts on this development?  Have I taken it one step too far, or will a deal with Abraham be reported in the next few hours?

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