Video: ESPN’s Trent Dilfer Says that Today’s NFL Fans are Dumb

| by Alex Groberman

As you've probably heard by now, a certain number of crazy Kansas City Chiefs fans cheered on Sunday when their team’s quarterback, Matt Cassel, was forced out of the game with an injury. The incident has drawn a lot of outrage, and has been a pretty popular talking point amongst ESPN’s talking heads for most of today.

One particular ESPN talking head, Trent Dilfer, really took what happened to heart. Despite the fact that a lot of people (including Peter King, as he made clear on the Dan Patrick Show today) have questioned how many fans were cheering/how loud it actually was, Dilfer decided that this opportunity to bash people was way too good to pass up:

There is this weird new developing trend in our society where we take the craziest and dumbest segment of a particular group, and then try to identify everyone in that group based on the actions of a few. It happens in politics. It happens in entertainment. And, obviously, it happens in sports. It’s a really, really stupid way of looking at the world.

Yes, some fans cheered a guy getting injured – therefore all of today’s football fans are dumb. That makes perfect sense.

(Kudos SportsGrid)

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