Top Atlanta Falcons Players in 2012: Tony Gonzalez

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We continue our countdown today as we take a look at the best Atlanta Falcons players, according to us, on the roster for the upcoming 2012 season. So far we've featured Tyson Clabo (#10), Michael Turner (#9) and Asante Samuel (#8). Now it's time to take a look at a sure-fire future Hall of Famer.

Tony Gonzalez was a first round draft pick in 1997 and has played like it ever since. Tony holds countless records, is a twelve time pro bowler and a nine time all-pro. I think it's safe to say that he's the most accomplished player on the Falcons roster. Even though his career is coming to an end he's still one of the best tight ends in football and one of the best players on the Falcons. Tony is the first of the four players listed in our top ten that was voted onto all six ballots. Here is what the guys had to say about Gonzo:

Eric: A vital weapon in the passing game. Would be higher on my list if my Top four guys weren't practically irreplaceable.

Joe: Gonzalez remains one of the Falcons’ most consistent playmakers. While he has passed his prime of being the model for tight ends he continues to be one of the most productive weapons on the Falcons’ roster. His hands remain one of the best sets in the league, he runs routes as well as he ever has, and he, again, like White, extends drives and scores in the red zone.

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Matt: Gonzalez is an easy answer, being he is a 12 time Pro Bowler who still has more in the tank than most tight ends in the league.

Mike: This may be it for Tony, but it has been a pleasure watching the greatest tight end ever do it get it done week after week.

Zach: Atlanta accquired Gonzalez going into the 2009 season. Since then Gonzalez has paid off for Atlanta. He's helped the progression of Matt Ryan and has been a steady and solid target on 3rd down situations and in the redzone. Not to add to the fact that he is a future HOFer.

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