Tim Tebow Needs to Get a Shot Somewhere

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One behalf of NFL fans everywhere, I would like to implore all teams out there to consider giving Tim Tebow a chance to be a starting quarterback for the upcoming season. With 32 teams out there, surely one of them is willing to give him that opportunity. All I’m saying is one franchise out there needs to take one for the team; sacrifice your 2013 season, give Tebow 16 starts, let him fail as a full-time starting quarterback in front of the entire world, and then we can finally be done with him.

This polarizing obsession with Tebow doesn’t seem to be going away. Until he’s given an opportunity start and falls flat on his face, there will be those that hold onto the belief that he’s capable of being a viable NFL quarterback. Until he’s a full-time starter, there will be those that will blame each of his team’s losses on the fact that Tebow’s holding a clipboard on the sideline and not in the game, as was the case this past season with the New York Jets.

The faction of fans, media members, and possibly coaches that believe Tebow is a suitable NFL quarterback is strong in their beliefs, and they won’t concede that they’re wrong until he’s given a “fair” shot to prove himself. Meanwhile, the other faction in the league is equally secure in their belief that Tebow has no viability as an NFL starter. The two sides are at a stalemate, especially following a season in which Tebow saw very little time on the field and even less team playing the role of the traditional quarterback; and so, until Tebow is given the opportunity to play and prove both sides to be either right or wrong, this stalemate will continue and the obsession with Tebow will continue to be a dominant storyline week after week and throughout the offseason in the NFL.

That is why, on behalf of every NFL fan that is sick and tired of hearing about Tebow, which I’m assuming is a lot of us, I am imploring some NFL team out there to give him the chance to be a starting quarterback next season. As interesting as Tebow’s saga has been over the past few years, I believe it has finally run its course and become more tedious than entertaining. So if one team out there can just give Tebow a chance to start, we can find out once and for all whether or not he’s capable of being a starter in this league, and finally be done with this ordeal and move on to something else.