Super Bowl XLVI Fun Facts: Your Official Beer Guide from 1st Sip to Last Flush

| by Alex Groberman

The New England Patriots and New York Giants are set to do battle on Feb. 5 in what actually promises to be a really exciting Super Bowl showdown. When you factor in the stars involved and interesting history that these two teams have with one another, you (theoretically) have all the pieces necessary for a game to remember.

But as we’ve learned over the years, actual game quality is pretty low on the relevance scale when you’re talking about Super Bowl Sunday. I’d rank it fourth, all things considered. The things that capture more attention than what actually happens on the field are (in order): 1.) Super Bowl party, 2.) betting and 3.) Super Bowl commercials.  

[Nos. 2 and 3 are flipped for females, per science.]

Today we’ll focus on an integral part of that first thing – beer. Thanks to the good folks at Save On Brew (via The Big Lead) we now have a much better understanding of where we stand as Americans, beer-wise, when it comes to our Super Bowl beverage of choice. Here is a nifty graph that breaks it all down:

Quick takeaways from that chart:

Americans will spend nearly $11 billion on beer come Feb. 5 of this year. A little more than 94 percent of that will be spent on awful domestic brands like Bud Light. It takes 1.4 billion trips to the bathroom and over 2 billion gallons of water to flush away that almost $11 billion in beer that we’ll consume.  

And then there was the most disappointing (read: pathetic) fact of all that we gleaned from the good folks at Save On Brew (which reaffirms the order of relevance we told you about above): 58 percent of viewers go to the bathroom during the game so as to not miss the commercials.


(Kudos to Save On Brew via The Big Lead for the info)

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