The San Antonio Raiders? Red McCombs Says It Could Really Happen

| by Jonathan Wolfe

When news broke last week that Raiders owner Mark Davis met with San Antonio officials about possibly bringing the team to Texas, many fans in the region didn’t take it seriously.

Teams have used San Antonio in the past as a bargaining chip for new stadium deals elsewhere, and San Antonio residents figured this visit was more of the same.

But according to former Spurs, Nuggets, and Vikings owner B.J. “Red” McCombs, this visit was different.

“I don’t think [the visit] could have gone any better,” McCombs said this week.

McCombs told that a relocation for the Raiders is a “definite possibility.” He also denied that San Antonio was being used for leverage against other cities, saying “it's a myth that San Antonio is a bargaining chip.”

McCombs said the difference maker in San Antonio’s pitch to Davis is Henry Cisneros, the former city mayor who organized Davis’ visit.

“Mr. Davis was impressed by Henry — pure and simple,” McCombs said. “I don't know whether it's a long way from a deal or whatever, but at least there was an opening there and we have a leader to take charge.

“The biggest thing on our side is that Henry has the contacts, has the perfect entree, has the credibility and has the ability (to woo the Raiders). What we should be doing instead of trying to pick a deal apart that isn't even a deal yet, is to rally behind Henry and offer support, do anything he needs to see where we can go with this.”

And if Davis wanted outside financial backing to support the move? McCombs said that would be easy to find in San Antonio too. McCombs said he would even be interested in buying into the Raiders “if that’s what it would take to get them here.”

“I told him if he wanted some [outside investors], they wouldn’t be hard to get,” McCombs said.

The San Antonio Raiders, eh? You know, it does have a nice ring to it. Any possible deal is a long way off, but it sounds like there is some real mutual interest here.