NFL Rumors: Rob Ryan to the Philadelphia Eagles?

| by Off The Record

In case you haven’t noticed, Philadelphia Eagles fans are pretty sick of head coach Andy Reid. They’ve been calling for his ouster for years now, but it seems like this time they mean it. Chants of “Fire Andy!” reigned down from the stands when the Eagles took a royal dump on the field against the New England Patriots just a couple of weeks ago. It brought back memories of Joe Kuharich.

The Eagles, under Reid, have had some high-flying, finesse offenses to go with some aggressive, vicious defenses. That is…until Jim Johnson died. Since then, they’ve had horrific defenses run by a guy who wasn’t ready at the time and now an offensive line coach. Recipe for success!

So, Eagles fans want Andy gone, but the next question is: who are you going to replace him with? Some want Bill Cowher, others have said Jon Gruden. I don’t want either of them. Don’t forget that Steelers fans wanted Cowher gone for a long time too, until he was finally able to win a Super Bowl. And if Ben Roethlisberger doesn’t tackle Nick Harper or if Vanderjagt doesn’t completely blow that field goal at the end, are we talking about how great Cowher is? Nope.

Gruden won a Super Bowl title too…with Tony Dungy’s defense. I don’t think his offense with Brad Johnson and Keyshawn Johnson (no relation) would have beaten the Raiders. How many defensive TD’s did they have that game? Exactly.

That’s not to say Gruden and Cowher aren’t good/great coaches, I just think they get a little overhyped.

I’m thinking the Eagles need a culture change. Someone the opposite of Andy who could come in and energizing the fan base. Now, is energizing the fan base a way to win games? No. But, you could certainly make a lot of money with an energized base and football is indeed a business.

So, who would be the best guy who could come in hungry, fix a woeful defense and bring back the attitude that has been missing from the Eagles the past couple years?

Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

Yes, he’s brash, he’s sloppy, he’s arrogant…but that might be just what the Eagles need next year. He definitely wants to be a head coach somewhere and what better place than Philly?

EaglesFans 300x196 Could the Eagles get Rob Ryan?

Don’t forget, it’s not just what he brings to the table as a coach that would get these fans riled up. He’s Buddy Ryan’s son. Buddy Ryan, the most beloved Eagles coach of all time (this is assuming that people have gotten over Greasy Neal and Buck Shaw). He never won so much as a playoff game, but the fans don’t care about that. They loved him. He was foul-mouthed, he called out his players, he didn’t shake hands with the opposing coach…he had that Philly attitude. And they loved him for it.

Rob doesn’t fall far from the tree, as neither does his twin brother Rex. And Eagles fans would go ballistic if Ryan was the next head coach. The fans would love it because they would feel a way that they’ve never felt before: that ownership was listening to them.

Some might say, ‘but Micah, Ryan runs a 3-4 and the Eagles have 4-3 personnel.” To that I say, “Not really.” Think about it, the Eagles have been drafting for the 3-4 defense for years despite not actually running it. How many undersized defensive lineman have they brought in, who actually would be much better off being linebackers in the 3-4? Tons! They have a ton of undersized guys on the defense. Sure, they’d need to find a nose tackle (not exactly easy) and listen to Ryan when he says that linebackers are actually important, but it can be done.

Look, Andy Reid hasn’t even lost his job at this point, so this is total speculation. But, I see a hard-ass coach who wants desperately to be the main guy in charge. I see an Eagles franchise that has a growing disconnect with their loyal fan base as each awful loss gets thrown on to the pile. This would be a perfect fit for both parties.

Of course, this would also hinge on Ryan’s current contract and whether or not Jerry Jones would let him interview for a head coaching vacancy within the division (that doesn’t exist yet). But, many times owners will allow their guys to spread their wings and go elsewhere if it means they are advancing their careers. Doesn’t mean Jerry would let him talk to the Eagles though, and this is all hypothetical anyway.

So, would you do it if you were Jeffery Lurie and Joe Banner?