NFL News Round-Up: Julio Jones, Dunta Robinson, Lamar Holmes, Sam Baker and More

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Another week has passed by Falcon fans. This week I want to discuss, Julio's hair, Dunta moving, Lamar's pedicure, Lofa and Akeem, and our straight laced quarterback, and our not so straight laced reality tv baby mama.

It is obviously a down week in Falcons talk when the hottest topic around town is the haircut of stallion wide out Julio Jones. That’s right, Julio cut off his dreads and word around camp is that maybe they were holding him back. He has looked explosive and mature in camp. Coach Smith believes that the full off season will do wonders for his maturation process.

Team Dread is dead… Roddy and Jaquizz will need to find their third member at some point this off season, and my bet is on Matt Ryan. Maybe a new hair style will bring with him that bad-boy attitude we have all been missing since #7 left town… Yep, you’re right; nobody misses the headaches of incidents at the airports, clubs, etc. We have a straight laced QB with a 10 year old’s haircut, and I like it.


Is Mr Robinson moving to the right neighborhood?

As reported after the Asante trade, Dunta Robinson is moving inside to nickel back. This is where he should thrive. He will face lots of man coverage and that is supposedly why Atlanta brought him here. Unfortunately, it took the leaving of a defensive coordinator to finally get some hype around Dunta, but better late than never. Dunta is solid in the run game, but years of zone coverage has had him playing outside his comfort zone. Look at Nnamdi Asomugha last year in Philly, the best defensive back in the game struggled in a zone scheme. Therefore, Dunta you are forgiven, but this is it.

Lamar Holmes still hasn’t been able to get that well needed pedicure. He isn’t expected in camp anytime soon, all but ensuring Sam Baker’s return to haunt our offensive line. I wouldn’t rule out a veteran signing in a few weeks, but Lamar and his toe need to get on the field.

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Lofa Tatupu is replacing Curtis Lofton, but don’t tell that to second year player Akeem Dent. According to the front office, both players are in a heated battle for the starting position. Lofa is a pro bowler, but what can we really expect after a year away from the game? He claimed he could have played last year but nobody wanted him. This is one of the most interesting camp battles we will have in Flowery Branch. I intend on attending a few this summer. How about you? So, are you rooting for the comeback story or the hometown guy?


Anyone else tired of Kroy Biermann's wife in the news? It seemed to be a punchline on national radio broadcasts this week. She is becoming a TMZ target very fast. Someone needs to sit Kroy down and let him know this is not the way Atlanta needs to be in the press.She is intent on bringing Kroy into the mess now. If you haven't heard the story, it is a must read.

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