NFL Analysis: Which NFC Coaches Will Get Fired?

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With Jack del Rio being fired this week, Dr. Roto examines (and lays odds) on other coaches in the NFL being canned by mid-January. This week he’ll take a look at the NFC coaches…


Jason Garrett: Garrett is probably in the best position of any coach in this division. The Cowboys are starting to make a playoff run, and with a little luck, might do some damage in the playoffs. Chance of the Axe: 1000-1

Tom Coughlin: Taskmaster Coughlin is starting to feel his seat get a bit hotter these days. The Giants looked awful on Monday night letting up 49 points to the Saints. Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell may take the fall. Chance of the Axe: 20-1

Andy Reid: The Boo Birds are out in the City of Brotherly Love and Reid is feeling the heat. The so-called “Dream Team” has been less than dreamy. However, the Eagles have too much invested to move Reid at this point. Chance of the Axe: 15-1

Mike Shanahan: If there ever was a coach who should get fired, it is Shanahan. His moving QBs and RBs in and out of the lineup has been devastating to a team that has some pieces to get better. Owner Daniel Snyder will probably give Shanahan one more year to get it right. That would be a mistake, as by that time Shanahan could do more damage than good. Chance of the Axe: 5-1


Lovie Smith: While Lovie may not be the greatest X’s and O’s coach in the game, his teams play hard for him. Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz is politicking for the Arizona State job, so Smith might have to promote Mike Tice. Regardless, his job is safe. Chance of the Axe: 1500-1

Jim Schwartz: Although he doesn’t get a lot of press, Schwartz has worked hard to change the culture in Motown. His Lions were a lock to make the playoffs before Jahvid Best got hurt. He needs to reel Ndamakong Suh in a bit, but otherwise, his job is safe. Chance of the Axe: 500-1

Mike McCarthy: Not much to say other than he may end up challenging Don Shula’s record by season’s end. Chance of the Axe: 1,000,000-1

Leslie Frazier: Frazier definitely has the respect of his players, even though they have struggled to win games. However, things are looking up a bit in Minnesota. Rookie QB Christian Ponder looks good and RB Adrian Peterson and WR Percy Harvin are weapons with which to build an offense around. Owner Ziggy Wulf gave Brad Childress plenty of rope over the years, so there is no reason to expect him to chop Frazier this soon. Chance of the Axe: 250-1


Mike Smith: Besides making an awful Fourth Down call the other week, Smith has done a good job in his tenure with the Falcons. His teams are well prepared and he appears to be a true players’ coach. Now he just needs to work on fixing QB Matt Ryan and the up and down Falcons offense. Chance of the Axe: 1500-1

Ron Rivera: I really like Rivera and think he has done an excellent job with the Panthers this year. The Panthers have played hard in most every game, and with a bit more luck, should have had at least two or three more wins on the season. Most importantly, Rivera has helped QB Cam Newton to become a game changer at QB and not a game manager. Chance of the Axe: 1250-1

Sean Payton: Another coach here with amazing job security. He gets his team ready to play each week and is almost never outcoached. Chance of the Axe: 500,000-1

Raheem Morris: The Buccaneers don’t seem especially happy with Morris, as there are constant rumors about him getting fired. However, Morris is a true players’ coach and is well liked by the rest of the staff. Morris loses points in that he is more of a motivator than a true play caller. What Morris really needs to do is fire Offensive Coordinator Greg Olsen who is impeding the growth of QB Josh Freeman. If that doesn’t happen soon, Morris may well find himself out of a job. Chance of the Axe: 10-1


Ken Wisenhunt: Wisenhunt was lucky years ago, when future Hall of Fame QB Kurt Warner put the team on his back and almost won the Cardinals a Super Bowl. Since then, the Cardinals have struggled to find an identity and have been middle of the pack in the NFC. Right now is a seminal time for the organization, as they need to make sure that they are moving in a positive direction with QB Kevin Kolb at the helm. Wisenhunt should be safe for now, but he doesn’t have much time. Chance of the Axe: 50-1

Jim Harbaugh: The no brainer 2011 NFL Coach of the Year. His job is so safe that even Chuck Norris won’t mess with him. Chance of the Axe: nil

Pete Carroll: To his credit, Carroll has tried his best to revamp a roster than has below marginal talent. What the Seahawks need to do now, though, is to groom a QB that can lead them for the next decade. Look for the Seahawks to be aggressive in this year’s draft trying to move up to get either Andrew Luck or Matt BarkleyChance of the Axe: 2500-1

Steve Spagnuolo: If I were Spagnuolo right now, I would be contacting my local realtor because the chances are extremely high that he is fired before the end of the season. I am not sure that it is entirely his fault, as no one could have predicted QB Sam Bradford’s ankle injury, or the fact that no wide receiver could manage to stay healthy. The biggest problem has been that the team looks like it is going in the wrong direction. Look for Spagnuolo to pull a Dom Capers and find a good career as a defensive coordinator somewhere in the future. Chance for the Axe: 1-2

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