NFL Analysis: Best and Worst of Week 12 Football

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Starting with Ndamukong Suh’s “oops I lost my balance” (which is much like saying oops I slipped and fell and the way I landed your wife is now pregnant) on Thanksgiving, to Tyler Palko’s attempt Sunday night to make certain he never plays again once Kyle Orton learns the plays, in each game this weekend there was an epic fail. While many of the blunders were by members of losing teams, members of winning teams had their fair share of screw-ups too. And not to be out done, of course the officials made certain to make their presence in this are known as well.

Sunday games

[20] Houston Texans (8-3) @ [13] Jacksonville Jaguars (3-8)

After Matt Leinart’s season ending broken collarbone injury, the Texans are now down to T.J Yates and former NY Jets castaway, newly signed Kellen Clemens. Clearly they don’t have enough players that praise God after every play on this team as the big guy is doing everything in his power to thwart their chances of a playoff run. FAIL!

[24] Buffalo Bills (5-6) @ [28] New York Jets (6-5)

After starting off 3-0, then 5-2, the Bills signed Ryan Fitzpatrick to a huge contract extension…. and are now 5-6 losing four games in a row. FAIL!

[20] Cleveland Browns (4-7) @ [23] Cincinnati Bengals (7-4)

For the second time in three games, a botched snap cost Cleveland a chance to take a late lead. In week 10 a bad snap caused Phil Dawson to miss a 22-yard kick with 2:13 left, allowing St. Louis to close out a 13-12 win in Cleveland. On Sunday, Dawson, who had already connected from 32 and 54 yards, was well short on a 55-yard try with 1:51 left after the snap skipped along the ground, giving Cincinnati its last chance.  FAIL!

[14] Minnesota Vikings (2-8) @ [24] Atlanta Falcons (6-4)

How in the world does Percy Harvin not score a touchdown after returning a kickoff 104-yards? Making matters worse, the Vikings did not not punch it in after having first and goal from the 3-yard line on four tries? FAIL, FAIL, FAIL, FAIL, FAIL!

[23] Arizona Cardinals (4-7) @ [20] St. Louis Rams (2-9)

Three weeks after allowing Arizona Cardinals’ Patrick Peterson to return a 99-yard punt in overtime to beat the, the St. Louis Rams let Peterson do it again. Peterson tied an NFL record with his fourth TD punt return on the year beating them again. This time it was an 80-yard TD return in the third quarter. Peterson was untouched on the play. FAIL!

[27] Carolina Panthers (3-8) @ [19] Indianapolis Colts (0-11)

What the hell were the Colts thinking about scoring 10-points in the second quarter and tying the game at 10 going into half time? Were they trying to win and mess up their “Suck for Luck” chances? Thankfully they had forced time-out of 15-minutes during halftime to cool off and think it over. FAIL!

[17] Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-7) @ [23] Tennessee Titans (6-5)

Tampa Bay allowed Chris Johnson to look like the CJ2K of old and the Titans and Bucs committed a combined nine turnovers in a game that the Titans ultimately won by default. FAIL!

[20] Chicago Bears (7-4) @ [25] Oakland Raiders (7-4)

The Raiders beat the Bears with backup QB Caleb Hanie but the Oakland had to settle for field goals on their first six trips inside the Chicago 30 before Michael Bush’s 3-yard run made it 25-13 with 3:47 to play. FAIL!

[23] Washington Redskins (4-7) @ [17] Seattle Seahawks (4-7)

Some people, including noted Seattle Seahawks fan Scott Engel, apparently spent three hours on Sunday watching the Redskins prevail in Seattle. FAIL!

[16] Denver Broncos (6-5) @ [13] San Diego Chargers (4-7) - OT

Shannon Sharp’s embarrassing, offensive pregame interview of Tim Tebow said it all. There isn’t a commentator or pundit on TV that will say anything good about Tebow’s play. No matter how many games the Denver Broncos win with him as QB, they say that this style of play can’t continue to win games. It’s almost like losing to a Tebow-led Denver team has become like Senator John Ashcroft losing his 2000 re-election to a dead guy! There’s only one problem with the talking heads; they are all wrong and the Broncos keep winning! FAIL!

[38] New England Patriots (8-3) @ [20] Philadelphia Eagles (4-7)

Angry Philadelphia Eagles fans chanted “Fire Andy” as Tom Brady and the rest of the New England Patriots kicked the Eagles butts up and down the field. While everyone in the stadium and watching on TV could hear the fans angry vocal outbursts, Andy Reid claimed in his post game press conference that he didn’t hear the fans. - Andy, you’re either a lying sack of shit or you have a severe hearing loss that needs to be checked out. Either way, FAIL!

P.S. – Andy, my brother is an audiologist. Go see him!

Sunday night game

[13] Pittsburgh Steelers (8-3) @ [9] Kansas City Chiefs (4-7)

Tyler Palko completed 18-passes to his Kansas City Chiefs teammates and 3-passes to the Pittsburgh Steelers. On one interception the referee had to waive off a thrown penalty flag for grounding as it was prematurely thrown because there was no Chiefs receiver in the area. FAIL!

Monday night game

New York Giants (6-4) @ New Orleans Saints (7-3)

Courtesy of NFL Scout Jayson BraddockIf you love to watch quarterbacks air it out, don’t miss Monday Night Football. Neither of these teams have a secondary that scares you and both teams have quarterbacks that can kill you through the air. The Giants started that much talked about stretch of insanely hard games a few weeks ago with a big win over the Patriots. But after that win they’ve now dropped the last two. The news is only going to get worse for New York. The simplest way I can put it is that the Saints don’t lose at home. Whether it’s voo doo in that building or whatever, they are 4-0 this season and step their game up at home.

  • Rookie watch: I’ve been very adamant about not believing that Prince Amukamara is a NFL caliber CORNERBACK. I believe he can be one of the top safeties in the game but he doesn’t have the hips for the corner position. Expect to see him abused by double moves in this game.

Pick: Saints

Comfort Level: RotoExperts’ Tiki Barber trying to convince everyone at the company that this is really a picture of Ronde. - Sorry Tiki, couldn’t resist

Thanksgiving Day games

[27] Green Bay Packers (11-0) @ [15] Detroit Lions (7-4)

Ndamukong Suh lost his balance and the respect of anyone who had previously been supporting his “dirty play.” He’s a moron with a weird first name. FAIL!

[19] Miami Dolphins (3-8) @ [20] Dallas Cowboys (7-4)

Matt Moore who led the Miami Dolphins to scores on four straight possessions with three straight drives of at least 70-yards did nothing with the game on the line on the Dolphins final possession giving the Dallas Cowboys the opportunity to kick the game winning field goal. FAIL!

[6] San Francisco 49ers (9-2) @ [16] Baltimore Ravens (8-3)

The San Francisco 49ers allowed nine sacks to the Baltimore Ravens. Rumor has it that Terrell Suggs sacked Alex Smith in the parking lot after the game just to make it an even 10. FAIL!

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