Marshawn Lynch: 'Here So I Won't Get Fined'

| by Daniel Yancelson

Super Bowl media day is usually a time where the players can have a little fun with the media before the big game. Marshawn Lynch had other plans; if he wasn’t threatened by the NFL with a $500,000 fine if he didn’t make himself available, he probably wouldn’t have shown up.

Instead, he showed up and made it clear that he was “here so I won’t get fined.”

“Hey, I’m just here so I don’t get fined. So y’all can sit here and ask me all the questions you want to. I’m gonna answer with the same answer. So, y’all can shoot if y’all please,” Lynch said at the beginning of his interview.

Lynch made himself available for under five minutes and was asked 29 different questions. He answered with some variation of what he said he would say, and after four minutes and 51 seconds, his alarm went off and he said “time,” and got up and left.

At least Lynch said more than he did last year when he showed up with a hoodie pulled up, sunglasses and all he said was: “I’m just ‘bout that action, Boss.”

Earlier this year, Lynch received a fine of $50,000 for violating the league’s media policy and he also paid another $50,000 fine for the same thing last season.

The NFL policy requires players to make themselves available to the media, which Lynch did. Now, it will be interesting to see if he will still receive some kind of fine for this.

Just a few minutes ago in another press conference, Lynch complied once again with the league by being there, but this time all he answered with was, “You know why I’m here.”

Source: ESPN / Photo Credit: Wiki Commons