Mark Sanchez Benched: Jets to Start Greg McElroy, Not Tim Tebow

| by Alex Groberman

The only thing worse than the New York Jets’ overall performance in Monday night’s loss to the Tennessee Titans was Mark Sanchez’s personal performance. He went 13-of-28 for a single touchdown and four interceptions. He consistently found ways to lose any semblance of momentum the Jets defense managed to pick up. And, most importantly, when given the opportunity to redeem himself at the end of the game – he (once again) came up short.

Rex Ryan had been extremely patient with Sanchez up to now, but even he has clearly had enough.

On Tuesday afternoon, word came across the wire that the Jets were going to bench Sanchez in favor of Ti… Greg McElroy?

Yes, Greg McElroy.

Benching Sanchez only to name McElroy the starter is the most Rex Ryan thing Rex Ryan could have done. Safe to say Tebow won't be sliding down his chimney next week.

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