Drew Brees and Conan O'Brien Have Some Fun With Deflategate (Video)

| by Daniel Yancelson

New Orleans Saints’ quarterback Drew Brees appeared as a guest on "Conan" on Jan. 28 and had a little fun with "Deflategate."

First, Conan O'Brien asked Brees if he thought the New England Patriots had something to do with the underinflated footballs, and Brees said: “I have no idea. And to be honest with you I kinda chuckle cuz I’m just glad it has nothing to do with us.”

O'Brien then went on to ask Brees if he could tell the difference between a legally inflated football and an underinflated football.

Brees said that during a game, he would not tell the difference but just sitting there he probably could. So O'Brien asked him to test it out and handed him three footballs.

Brees knew the pressure of the first two balls exactly: 13 psi and 11 psi. The third one was a bit under inflated as a joke as you can watch the whole video below.

Source: YouTube