Donald Trump Is Really Bitter About Not Owning The Bills

| by Jonathan Wolfe

Donald Trump passed up his chance to own the Buffalo Bills when he decided not to engage in a bidding war with Buffalo Sabres owner Terry Pegula. Pegula ended up purchasing the team for $1.4 billion, which was $500 more than Trump’s highest bid of $900 million.

Insufficient funds weren’t the reason Trump dropped out of the Bills’ sweepstakes. He just thought the team was overpriced. Since he voluntarily removed himself from the Bill’s equation, you’d think Trump wouldn’t have any hard feelings towards Pegula for getting the team, right? Wrong.

Trump took to Twitter today to post a very salty series of tweets about the Bills, their new owner, and the NFL in general. Trump sounded like a bitter ex-boyfriend who, you know, totally doesn’t care about his old girlfriend...but is still going to talk trash about her for an hour anyways.

Trump got things started with a backhanded compliment for Pegula:


Not even one minute later, Trump tweeted again saying Pegula will never produce a winner in Buffalo:


But, of course, Trump couldn’t care less about missing out on the Bills. After all, the NFL sucks! He didn’t want them anyways:


You’re a sad, rich man Mr. Trump. For more entertainment, head over to his twitter page and get your daily dose of overzealous, college freshman-style political rants.