Do the Atlanta Falcons Have What it Takes to be Showcased on "Hard Knocks"?

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Earlier today, AJC beat writer D Orlando Ledbetter told us that the Falcons have emerged as the leader to be featured on the HBO series "Hard Knocks". He later updated that to say that the Falcons have an offer and are considering doing the show. Matt has already touched a bit on this on the blog but I thought I would add a little to the conversation.

I've never seen an episode of Hard Knocks but the Falcons seem like a weird fit to me. Let's take a look at the past teams that have been on Hard Knocks: Baltimore, Dallas (x2), Kansas City, Cincy and the Jets. A quick glance at these teams tells us (at least in the case of Dallas, Cincy and the Jets) that HBO prefers dysfunction and drama for this show. That leads me to the question of this article....are the Falcons interesting enough for Hard Knocks?

Let's take a look at what could be the leading storylines....

- Brent Grimes Contract

- The Falcons new Coordinators on both sides of the football and how the players adjust to the new coaches

- Arthur Blank and how involved he is with the team off the field (does he just loom around the offices like he does the sidelines as the game comes to a close)

- Tony Gonzalez and his possible last training camp/season

- Can Matt Ryan take the next step as an elite QB in the NFL

- Replacing Curtis Lofton

- Michael Turner's potential reduced role on the team and how Jacquizz Rodgers and Jason Snelling factor into the equation.

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What other things would you be interested in watching with the Falcons? Julio Jones and how he adapts to his second year in the NFL with high expectations? Roddy White and his penchant for making somewhat controversial comments toward other teams? The Offensive Line and just how long their beards can get?

D Orlando Ledbetter replied to us on Twitter with this statement:

You think this might make his job easier for a while? Yeah, I think so. I would definitely be interested in watching the Falcons on Hard Knocks and yes it would make for some good writing here on the blog. That being said, I'm just not sure if the Falcons would be interesting to watch on Hard Knocks.

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