Of Course Charlie Sheen Bought Lawrence Taylor’s Super Bowl Ring

| by Alex Groberman

Last week, for the first time in a long time, NFL legend Lawrence Taylor made headlines for something other than prostitutes and legal troubles. Mind you, this latest development wasn't all that much better than those two things, but at least it spared him a night at the local jail. (Progress!) What was this remarkable occurrence that reminded people that L.T. was still alive?

News that he was hawking one of his Super Bowl rings.

There was a whole big brouhaha heading into this past Saturday regarding who would step up to make the big purchase, but ultimately the event came and went with very little fanfare. Everyone sort of presumed that we wouldn’t hear anything else on the matter, so nobody even bothered to check out who actually bought Taylor’s chip.

Nobody except Jay Glazer.

Per Glazer’s Twitter:

#Winning. Except L.T., of course. That dude stays losing.

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