Complete NFL Week 11 Gameday Previews

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Easy Like Sunday Morning is a quick hitting NFL game previews post that looks at the games to be played later in the day where I give you a little insight on each matchup and what I’m watching for. It’s a lighthearted way to blend comedy with America’s true, favorite pastime. So crack you a cold one, fire up the computer and let me guide your way to the day’s games ahead. Six days a week you may dread, but today I give you football knowledge that’s easy like Sunday morning.

I’ll also give my pick for each game with my “comfort level”. Usually when I give people my picks, they ask me how comfortable should they be with them and I always reply with a real life situation. For instance, if I was to say “riding in a car with Kenny Britt and the cops pull us over,” then I’m not too confident in the pick. But if I tell you that I’m “lying in the hammock with one sock on, wearing boxers and a pair of Blu Blockers,” then it’s a safe bet.

Listen to the NFL RedZone Report for the best blend of Week 10Fantasy Football and NFL analysis. Also listen to NFL Fantasy Football GameDay from 10am-12noon ET for a Fantasy Football breakdown of all the games. I’ll be on with Dr. Roto giving you all the insight you need to get your lineup set for the day’s action.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-5) @ Green Bay Packers (9-0)

This could get ugly. The Buccaneers have lost 3 games in a row and four out of the last five. Their confidence looks shaken from the leader on the sideline to the leader on the field. Raheem Morris is getting short with the media and making excuses. This is out of character for him and it shows panic that will trickle down to the youthful team. It doesn’t matter that the Packers have a horrible pass defense in this game. The Bucs can’t keep pace with Green Bay’s offense. Tampa’s only hope is that Albert Haynesworth knocks out the starting quarterback for the second straight week. Now that I think about it…I’ll still take a Matt Flynn led Packers team over the Bucs.

Pick: Packers

Comfort Level: Wagering that Roger Goodell has fined a blind date money for illegal helmet to helmet contact when she turned out to be a tranny.

Carolina Panthers (2-7) @ Detroit Lions (6-3)

Cam Newton was lucky enough to get 6 out of his first 9 games at home (0-3 on the road) but now that means he’s starting a brutal stretch of three straight road games and 5 out of the remaining 7 games being away from Charlotte. Matt Stafford and the Lions are looking to put that brutal game against the Bears behind them and the Panthers will see their A game, unless the injury is worse than what they are leading us to believe. The biggest advantage that the Lions have in this game is the game footage of the Titans pressuring Cam Newton last week. When Cam is comfortable in the pocket this season he’s been picking apart defenses. When he’s pressured and Steve Smith is slowed, he looks like a completely different quarterback. His old teammate, Nick Fairley will look to remind him that he played apart in the national championship as well.

Pick: Lions

Comfort Level: Being Deion Sanders’ agent and having to convince him that the only advertisements that you can get him are dressing as a fairy and wearing Van Heusen suits.

Jacksonville Jaguars (6-6) @ Cleveland Browns (3-6)

Neither of these teams are complete. The Browns biggest strength is their pass defense and with a struggling Blaine Gabbert, they should be able to keep this game close. The Jaguars defense is really talented but it’s not getting the press it deserves because the team isn’t good as a whole. The difference in this game will be Maurice Jones-Drew. He should have an amazing day today and that will be the difference.

Pick: Jaguars

Comfort Level: Being a back hustler (Translation: Woman that lays on her back to earn a check via child support from some dumb athlete) that just entered the back hustling field but chose the NBA division, not like her mother’s favorite kids that went with MLB and NFL (no lockouts).

Buffalo Bills (5-4) @ Miami Dolphins (2-7) [by College Football Analyst and South Florida local, Danny Hobrock]

Talk on local radio shows has shifted from ‘Suck for Luck’ (one station even held a promotion giving away a ‘scouting trip’ to Palo Alto to see Andrew Luck in action last weekend against Oregon) to opining about how far this winning streak can go. The Bills, meanwhile, are starting to come down from the 5-2 early-season high. Now they’ve lost two in a row, are in the middle of a three-game road trip, must face a suddenly-confident Dolphins team playing for their future employment, and next weekend get a Jets team that’s been backed into a corner. Injuries have taken their toll on the Bills, while Miami is playing looser than they have in a long time.

Pick: Dolphins

Comfort Level: About as comfortable as South Florida fans seeing the ‘Suck for Luck’ campaign take a nose dive.

Oakland Raiders (5-4) @ Minnesota Vikings (2-7)

Oakland is oddly enough playing better on the road this year. They’re 3-1 on the road and 2-3 at home. Carson Palmer should be able to take advantage of the Vikings secondary that is missing Antoine Winfield and Chris Cook. On the other side, Adrian Peterson should have a field day against the Raiders. Michael Bush faces a much better rush defense than what he saw in San Diego. Minnesota can win by control the clock with Adrian Peterson and getting pressure to Carson Palmer quick. I just don’t know if they can hold off the quick strike ability of the Oakland track team.

Pick: Vikings

Comfort Level: :  Being on stage with Lee Corso when he decided to drop “Aww, F**K it” on national TV.

Dallas Cowboys (5-4) @ Washington Redskins (3-6)

While there is room for concern with Dallas being 1-3 on the road this year, the level of competition in those games was vastly more than this train wreck in DC. The Cowboys are a different team with Demarco Murray. They finally have a true every down back instead of forcing Felix Jones and Tashard Choice into a role not suited for them. The Redskins have too many injuries and the coaching staff sets their lineup by throwing darts a board with names on it.

Pick: Cowboys

Comfort Level: Being Mike Shanahan if he was a real Redskin and his tribe played fantasy football. Scalped!

Cincinnati Bengals (6-3) @ Baltimore Ravens (6-3)

Two things stick out to me when I look at this matchup. The Ravens have only struggled on the road. I told Bengals’ fans last week that I would give them credit when they beat either Baltimore or Pittsburgh. They failed last week and with AJ Green possibly out and Leon Hall definitely out, I can’t see them winning this in Baltimore.

Pick: Ravens

Comfort Level: John Elway’s awkward reaction on camera after Tebow scores to win the game. (Uh, the cameras are on me, I guess I need to clap)

Arizona Cardinals (3-6) @ San Francisco 49ers (8-1)

The 49ers haven’t been blowing people away since the Bucs game. They keep it close and play safe. They don’t allow Alex Smith to be in situations to cost them the game. If the running game ever struggles and the opponents have an effective passing attack, the 49ers are subject to lose. Frank Gore has to stay healthy down the stretch of these last 7 games. I expect that San Fran will go even more conservative with Gore. John Skelton has been playing good enough and if he can keep it up this week, Larry Fitzgerald could have a field day. I don’t believe that Skelton will adjust to the 49ers pressure. Close but I believe the Cardinals come up short.

Pick: 49ers

Comfort Level: Being a coach that wastes a team’s best season in years by acting like he doesn’t know that Alex Smith will cost him in the playoffs.

Seattle Seahawks (3-6) @ St. Louis Rams (2-7)

It’s going to be another one of those ugly games. Is the winner in this game really the loser? Loser gets a better draft choice and can take a player that better their team and also keeps him from going to a divisional rival. I’ll take Sam Bradford to make one extra play more than Tarvaris Jackson.

Pick: Rams

Comfort Level: Being a Top 10 team in college football this past weekend.

Tennessee Titans (5-4) @ Atlanta Falcons (5-4)

I heard that Matt Hasselbeck thinks the AFC South is up for the taking due to Matt Schaub being out for the year. I’m not sure if he knows how getting to the playoffs works. The Titans still have to win games. I’ve said that they haven’t had a big win except Baltimore. But now that the Ravens have lost on the road to Seattle and Jacksonville as well, then it just looks like Baltimore just has a weakness on the road instead of the Titans being better. The only other team that has more than three wins that the Titans have beaten is the Broncos who were led by Kyle Orton in that game and were 1-4 under Orton. This Sunday can’t come quick enough for the Falcons and especially Mike Smith. Atlanta needs to catch fire to keep pace with the Saints or the wild card teams. If they can get past Tennessee their schedule gets manageable all the way until their rematch with the Saints. This is the week they start a big win streak and get hot right in time for the playoffs like last year’s Packers.

Pick: Falcons

Comfort Level: Being Mike Vick during his Atlanta days and thinking the dirty bird was when you snuck a kilo of cocaine around in your whoooo hoooo.

San Diego Chargers (4-5) @ Chicago Bears (6-3) [by College Football / NFL Writer and Chicago local, Dory LeBlanc]

Both Jay Cutler and Philip Rivers have downplayed their “rivalry” this week, but we all know there’s no budding bromance going on between the two QBs. What will be budding on Sunday is a makeshift offensive line from both teams. Earlier in the week the Bears lost LG Chris Williams for the season with a dislocated wrist and placed first round draft pick Gabe Carimi, expected to be back from a knee injury suffered against the Saints in week two, on IR. For the Chargers, LT Marcus McNeill has been ruled out with a neck injury, and both guards, Tyronne Green and Louis Vasquez are listed as doubtful. To make matters worse, San Diego will also be without their no. 2 WR Malcolm Floyd. Last year, Cutler was the NFL’s most sacked quarterback with 52 but has taken only five in the last four games; Rivers was sacked six times by the Raiders last week. Rivers and the Charger offense will face a fierce Bears defense that forced six turnovers against the Lions last week, including two pick-sixes while sacking Matthew Stafford twice. Expect to see the Bears D continue their momentum and dominate the “fully healthy” Rivers and Forte to run all over a rush defense that allows an average of 127.9 ypg.

Pick: Bears

Comfort Level: Going to watch the new Twilight movie with Jay Cutler and Philip Rivers.

Philadelphia Eagles (3-6) @ New York Giants (6-3)

Honestly, you don’t know which Vince Young will show up. I felt that this would be a great fit for him until he opened his mouth and said that he’s not where he should be with this offense yet. It’s week 11, how could anyone that’s only job was to learn the offense not be ready? With that said, I still believe that he’s going to play well. Andy Reid has not used LeSean McCoy right down the stretch in games. He’ll be more conservative with Young at quarterback and that’s what this team needs. Also, Mike Vick depends to heavily on DeSean Jackson and Vince is use to not playing with talented receivers. I think Danny Ware will have a big game in this one but the Eagles are going to be too much.

Pick: (Upset) Eagles

Comfort Level: Betting on DeSean Jackson in a pillow fight with a girl scout. (He doesn’t like to be hit)

Kansas City Chiefs (4-5) @ New England Patriots (6-3)

I might look foolish on this one but I like Tyler Palko in this game. It’s a big stage to step on and perform in the national spotlight. Palko is real familiar with Jonathan Baldwin and has history with Steve Breaston as well. Then you factor in Dwayne Bowe and the offense not getting much out of the quarterback position this year and I believe the running game becomes even more effective. It’s hard for me to pick against Tom Brady at home again but I just can’t shake the feeling that Palko will surprise us and take advantage of the injuries in an already beat down secondary.

Pick: (Upset) Chiefs

Comfort Level: Getting set up on a blind date with the latest, hottest choreographer and they tell you she dances like Ciara and then you meet Ices Brown. BTW – you are cheating yourself if you don’t watch between 3:30 – 4:30 mark.

Thursday night game

[13] New York Jets (5-5) @ [17] Denver Broncos (3-5)

Bye Week Teams

Houston Texans (7-3)
Indianapolis Colts (0-10)
New Orleans Saints (7-3)
Pittsburgh Steelers (7-3)

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