A Closer Look at the Atlanta Falcons' Quarterback Depth

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Unless you live in a hole then you know that Dominique Davis has been having a very good pre-season and, like a lot of back-up quarterbacks in the history of the league, he has been endearing himself to the fanbase.

Matt Ryan is a really good number one option and a top ten quarterback in the league so the Falcons are set at the starter position but the back-ups have been a source of discussion over the last few years.

Now that Dirk Koetter is in the drivers seat of the offense he is making some changes. A couple of days ago, the Falcons cut third-string QB John Parker Wilson.

That move was a big signal that Dominique Davis would be kept by the Falcons at least as a third-stringer/practice squad player. Then Luke McCown, who played for the last few seasons with the Jaquars, became available when he was cut by the Saints. The Falcons saw him as an upgrade over Chris Redman and decided to cut Redman and sign McNown.

Last years QB depth was Ryan, Redman and JPW. This year it looks to be Ryan, McCown, Davis. McCown's career stats aren't impressive but Redman was clearly on a downward trajectory and McCown represents a better upside. Looks like an upgrade depending on how well Davis progresses and if he doesn't at least he gets the shot.

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