Bears Hire Marc Trestman as New Head Coach

| by Alex Groberman

The Chicago Bears have hired Marc Trestman to be their next head coach.

This announcement comes about a week after Fox NFL analyst Jimmy Johnson essentially scooped the entire world on what was going to happen, only to backpedal when folks asked him how he knew who the Bears were going to hire.  

Trestman, 57, worked in various capacities around the NFL for nearly 20 years. After 2004 he decided to return to the college ranks, and served briefly as North Carolina State’s offensive coordinator. His biggest break -- by far -- came in 2007 when he became the head coach of the Montreal Alouettes. Over the course of five years in the Canadian Football League Trestman accumulated a 64-34 overall record and won two consecutive Grey Cup championships.

Given Trestman’s experience with quarterbacks, all eyes will be on how he deals with Jay Cutler. Frankly, he has a lot more to work with on the offense end than Lovie Smith did during the vast majority of his stint with the Bears.

If he can’t do something special with this group, even with all of its o-line deficiencies taken into account, this will likely be Trestman’s first and last shot at coaching an NFL squad. 

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