Saints Bounty Program, New Panthers Signings and Other Big NFC South News

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Another week has come and we will again make fun of the Saints, Panthers and Buccaneers.  One of these teams has had a pretty fantastic week.  Questions have arisen, such as who will coach the Saints?

All around classy guy Sean Payton has been banned for the 2012 NFL season, potentially preventing the Saints from running up the score against poor defenses.  With their vicodin supply now safe, the Saints will continue without their general manager for 8 games or their next two 2nd round picks.

Who will coach the Saints?  This website suggests Mr. Slayton, pictured above.  Here is a brief write up about this unknown coach.

Slayton is modest, very media-friendly, believes in natural pain management, is forthcoming about his players' injuries and loves to chew only DoubleMint gum. And he's got a mustache. Coach Payton definitely never had a mustache.

The Saints general manager had nothing but positives to say about Mr. Slayton.

I'm impressed by how effortlessly Shawn has jumped right into his role as head coach. He was at the facility on the first day running the show like he owned the place. He knew everyone's name immediately, where everything was located, even the combination to the drug cabinet. It's uncanny, really.

Despite being on the receiving end of Roger Goodell's hammer of justice, the Saints continue to ignore all common sense with the cap and signed run plugger Broderick Bunkley to a 5 year, $25 million contract.  They certainly are not clearing up space to sign Drew Brees long term.

Despite being generally terrible, Warren Sapp made hard hitting news by claiming Jeremy Shockey was the player who "snitched" to the NFL about the bounty program.  Shockey responded with a text from Payton, showing he is probably not the whistleblower, but they both definitely have poor grammar skills.

The Panthers signed big Mike Tolbert, previously of the Chargers, to be their new fullback.  Which is weird because Carolina usually only runs the ball with Cam Newton, frustrating anyone who drafted any of their running backs in fantasy football.

Carolina also signed Haruki Nakamura, a safety who destroys all spell checkers in his wake.  Formerly of the Ravens, Nakamura is a quality signing for the Panther's terrible defense.

Tampa Bay is attempting to have the oldest player in the league, which is great news with Ronde Barber returning for another year, which makes sense for a rebuilding team.  Their corners now include frequently burned Eric Wright, AARP member Barber, and soon to be suspended Aqib Talib.

Philantropist/corner back/felony assaulter Aqib Talib has had his court date pushed back a few weeks.  Expect Roger Goodell to drop his proverbial boom-stick on Talib, assuming Talib does not try shooting someone with said boom-stick before that time.

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