NFL News Round-Up: Drew Brees, Jonathan Vilma, Dallas Clark, Thomas Davis and More

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Time for the much awaited NFC South Nuggets, where I belittle the moves made by the Saints, Panthers, Buccaneers and usually the Saints again.

In perhaps one of the most foolish things I have ever heard, the Saints feel they deserve a discount for Drew Brees because of injury concerns back when they signed him six years ago.  Since then, Brees has thrown for over 28,000 yards and over 200 touchdowns, so it makes complete sense the Saints are shooting for a bargain after they received so little payoff.

In news that has been reported sporadically the past two years despite no movement from either side at any point in the process, the Saints owner and the Saints GM both believe a new deal will be reached with the Breesus.  Obviously they have high hopes for Chase Daniels and Sean Canfield, the only other quarterbacks on the roster.

Jonathan Vilma, in an effort to improve his relationship with NFL GM Roger Goodell, sued the man who suspended him for defamation.  I will have an upcoming post about the suit, but Vilma certainly appears to be past caring at this point.

Tampa signed what is left of Dallas Clark this week after trading away Kellen Winslow, Jr. for half a ham sandwich.  Clark battled injury and ineffectiveness the last season or two to the point that the Indianapolis Colts found him disposable.

Film junkie Greg Cosell looked at some tape of Josh Freeman, finding that he cannot read defenses and has mediocre accuracy.  Apparently Freeman has a ways to go if he is to become an "elite" quarterback, but the first step would likely require leaving Tampa for a better team.

Former 19th overall pick Jeff Otah is practicing with the 2nd string offense after being injury ridden the past two seasons.  Instead, Byron Bell gets the nod simply for staying healthy.  

Speaking of injury, the Panthers are slowly getting back two linebackers, Jon Beason and Thomas Davis.  Neither are practicing yet, but sound like they will return soon.

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