NFL Weekly Notes and Rants: Saints, Falcons, Jets, Broncos and More

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It's time, although be it a day late, for the sixth edition of weekly Bird Droppings...factoids, snippets and rants from around the Falcons camp and the rest of the NFL. We had a very busy week throughout the NFL and especially here in the NFC South, where the Saints continue to paint themselves into a dark corner.

The hammer - and anything else Rodger Goodell could get his hands on - came down on the Saints, as they lost a head coach, a GM, a ton of cash, and some draft picks. So what was the reaction of New Orleans fans to their beloved head hunters being spanked so severely? Denial, whining and "Free Sean" T-Shirts. One fan was even seen on TV in tears screaming "We don't deserve this! Sean doesn't deserve this! We are being picked on." Yeah...ain't it sweet?

In other news involving the Saints this week, former Falcons LB Curtis Lofton agreed to a 5-year deal with New Orleans. And if jumping ship to the Falcons most hated rival wasn't enough, Curis took it upon himself to throw a couple of cheap shots at Atlanta as he walked out the door, saying he wanted to play for a team with "real fans." Funny, but I can't ever remember Falcons fans wearing brown bags over their heads in shame over their team.

The Falcons also agreed to a 1-year contract with center Todd McClure. This is a good move for a few reasons. We dont' necessarily have to look at centers in this years draft now.  We are returning some veteran experience to the offensive line. And Matt Ryan will still have McClure's beard handy when he needs and emergency hair transplant. (Have you seen Matty Ice when he takes his hat off? Getting awfully thin up there)

Tim Tebow is a, wait...he's not a Jet, he's going to Jacksonvi...oh, hold the phone, he IS going to New York, as a back up. Umm..wait, no, he's going to be the "Wildcat Option"...err, hang on, he's going to get 20 snaps a game. Mark Sanchez is, he's Yep...this is your brain on Rex Ryan.  Please HBO...bring "Hard Knocks" back to the Jets this year. We are BEGGING you.

On the subject of Tebow, a press conference was held to introduce the 2nd string QB to the NY media. Did you just read what I wrote?? A PRESS CONFERENCE for a 2ND STRING QB?? There were over 30 cameras present, well over 100 reporters, and the presser had to be moved from the usual media room at the Jets facilities to their giant indoor practice field. And all just to hear Tebow say "excited" over 45 times..oh yeah..he's "blessed" too. That presser had more canned answers than every debate seen thus far for the upcoming presidential election.

I'm not sure if the fact that the Falcons star running back Michael Turner has to tell his baby-mama to keep their daughter off of reality TV is a good sign for the upcoming season.  I'd put it under the category of "ominous off-field distraction possibilities"  I'm having Andre Rison/Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes flashbacks now.  

With the Saints being put in time-out by the league, the Bucs starting fresh with a new "college style" coach and some pricey free agents, and the Panthers having Cam Newton and, well....Cam Newton, the Falcons have pretty much been offered the NFC South on a silver platter. If they can find a way to monumentally screw this up, then there needs to be a shake up in the front offices.

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Sam Baker and Peria Jerry are still on the Falcons roster (my fingers kept trying to reach up and punch me in the face as I typed that sentence).

Bars in the Denver area were having 18 cent chicken wing specials in honor of their new-old quarterback, Peyton Manning. In response, bars in NY/NJ were having $3.16 non-alcoholic beer and virgin drink specials...but only for really excited and blessed patrons.

If you haven't heard, the writing and/or production is underway for Top Gun 2, Waynes World 3, Beverly Hills Cop 4, and Lethal Weapon 5. (Gun to head...spinning chamber....)

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