Atlanta Falcons vs. Denver Broncos News Round-Up

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The Falcons have Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos on tap for this Monday at the Georgia Dome. Let's take a look around Bronco Nation and see what they are saying about their team:

Broncos 31, Steelers 19: In Review

Third Down Defense
A lot of credit here should go to Roethlisberger, for sure. But against a depleted Steelers Oline, the Broncos pass rush was often only getting one guy through to pressure Big Ben, leaving him a sidestep away from converting the third and long pass. The Broncos are facing plenty of good QBs in the week to come, and improving the pressure they put on them is critical.

Is Ronnie Hillman playing catchup?

It seems like Hillman isn't quite 100% just yet, and he might not have the offense completely down right now. Also, Hillman isn't the best pass blocker yet. We saw what can happen Sunday night when a running back whiffs on a pass block. So it could be a few weeks, or even until the mid-way point in the season until we see Hillman on the field. It's all on him though, the sooner he gets healthy and learns the positon, the sooner he will be out there.

Rahim Moore plays every snap vs Pittsburgh

Moore, who had four tackles and a pass defense against the Pittsburgh Steelers, started at free safety for the Broncos, then never left the field for a defensive substitution during the Broncos’ 31-19 win. Moore credits the extra early morning film study he and the secondary have put in to his success. That comfortability is a far cry from Moore’s 2011 rookie season, which saw the second round pick go from starter to the inactive list in a few months’ time.

Denver Broncos' Offense Has Huge Advantage Early in Year

Five NFL teams put up 40 or more points in week one. The Broncos came close to that with 31 points against a very good Pittsburgh Steelers’ defense....It didn’t matter whether the Steelers blitzed or not. Manning went 9-for-11 for 152 yards when the Steelers rushed five or more guys. The Broncos may have the second toughest schedule in the league (Giants are No. 1 in strength of schedule), but the most difficult part of their season is early on. Advantage offense.

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