Broncos Safety Boyett Cut After Punching Cabbie, Telling Cops To Call John Elway

| by Jonathan Wolfe

Broncos practice squad safety John Boyett was cut yesterday for acting like a complete idiot in downtown Denver on Wednesday night.

Boyett’s troubles started when he tried to grab food off of a patron’s plate at a restaurant, the Denver Post reports. When the restaurant’s staff asked him to leave, he became angry and refused to pay his bar tab. He then threatened to punch the bartender.

Police showed up and escorted Boyett out of the restaurant, but his antics were far from over. Instead of arresting Boyett, the cops decided to call a cab and send him home. Nine times out of ten this is a nice alternative to an arrest that saves cops time and keeps an ugly blemish off of someone’s record. This turned out to be the one time where it wasn’t such a good idea.

About five minutes after Boyett left in the cab, the driver called police and said Boyett head-butted and punched him. When police arrived at the scene minutes later, they found Boyett covered in a pile of mulch. Get this: he stole a shovel from a nearby construction site and covered himself with mulch to hide from the cops.

When officers handcuffed Boyett, he started screaming and slamming his head into the patrol car. He repeatedly told officers that he was on the Broncos and ordered them to call John Elway. He was taken to the Arapahoe County jail and charged with theft, assault, and harassment. The Broncos released him the next morning.

This isn’t the first time Boyett has been arrested for reckless drunken behavior. As a member of the Colts in 2013, he was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, public intoxication and resisting law enforcement. During his arrest, he repeatedly told officers “You can’t arrest me, I’m a Colts player.” Like the Broncos, the Colts cut him immediately.

Something tells me this guy's NFL days are over.