Atlanta Falcons: One of the NFL's Most Snakebitten Franchises?

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I was channel surfing on Sunday afternoon and came across the NFL Network and a program that they were showing called "Top 10 Most Snakebitten Franchises".

I had a feeling that our Falcons might be on the list (especially if they are looking at the recent past with Mike Vick and Bobby Petrino) so I hit record so I could check it out later. Not surprisingly the Falcons did get some play on the telecast.

Old AJC pot stirrer Terrance Moore talked about the Falcons and he brought up the Dallas playoff game and the 1998 Super Bowl loss to the Denver Broncos. Kind of strange that they didn't bring up Eugene Robinson, Mike Vick or Bobby Petrino. It was recorded in 2009 so that was well after both the Vick and Petrino sagas. Atlanta didn't make the list in the top ten but I guess they received an "honorable mention" by having a piece on them in the program.

While the Falcons didn't have a lot of the close losses that some of the teams in the list did, they did have a long history of losing before Mike Smith arrived on the scene. The Falcons did have a nice spot late in the countdown when they showed the Atlanta/Minnesota playoff game where Gary Anderson missed his first FG in two years and they called it one of the most devastating moments in the history of Minnesota sports.

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One cool moment was hearing Larry Munson call some of the action in the Falcons highlights. I almost forgot that he was a part of the broadcasts for a bit.

Here is the list that they came up with on the NFL Network telecast:

#10 Buffalo

#9 Kansas City

#8 NY Jets

#7 Detroit

#6 New Orleans

#5 Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans

#4 Philadelphia

#3 Cincinnati

#2 Minnesota

#1 Cleveland

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