Atlanta Falcons News and Notes: Peter Konz, Bradie Ewing, Jonathan Massaquoi and More

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Now that the Falcons have begun getting the rookies into camp, I thought it was time to reflect on the last month and pose some questions. Here are a few bullet points that concern the Falcons.

All signs point to a great first pick for Atlanta, Peter Konz impressed everyone in minicamp. It would appear that he is being trained at guard and for center… (I know shocking right…) anyhow, I applauded the selection back in April, and I’m hopeful he will make an immediate impact. If not, Sam “the qb killa” Baker can always go back to guard. Lamar Holmes was sidelined with a foot injury. Hopefully, the big man can get that pedicure and get back on the field soon.

I read some positive things about Bradie Ewing and Jonathan Massaquoi; both are guys that should be able to get into the rotation. I see Ewing starting immediately, but I think a dark horse is definitely the DE from Troy. He is cutting weight to get back down to sprinters speed… and let’s face it, we need all the pass rush we can get.

The return man job is up for grabs. If I was a betting man (and I am) I would look for Harry Douglas to take over punt return duties. I think Jaquizz Rodgers would be interesting on kickoffs, but I’m open to having anybody that can hold onto the football.    

Roddy White, look folks I love 84 but the man needs to get an off season job or play some golf. He is constantly in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. I enjoyed his debate on ESPN’s First Take a few weeks back, but honestly I tired of seeing him in the headlines. Apparently, the fellow NFL players voted him down 41 spots on the Top 100 ratings. I understand the fans being outspoken about this, but guys/gals, he dropped the most passes in the league last year… However, he is a clear number one receiver and should have a great upcoming season.    

Word on the street is that Willie Mo is planning to have a breakout season, and I have had nightmares about opposing wide outs getting smacked by this guy. Willie Mo reminds me of a former UGA safety, Greg Blue. You could hear the hits, and know precisely who made the play. The difference between the two is that #25 is a playmaker in coverage. Is it truly Pro Bowl or bust?  

These are just a few thoughts I have had this week, and now I shall get back to my week long Survivor Marathon,until next Friday... RISE UP!  As always follow me on twitter @ColossalChicken.

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