Atlanta Falcons Analysis: How Many Sacks Will John Abraham Get in 2012?

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Training camp is nearing and I thought it would be fun to take a look at a couple of players and project how their seasons might go by playing a little over/under.

John Abraham is going into his thirteenth season and his seventh season with the Atlanta Falcons. While a member of the team, the "Predator" has reached ten sacks in three of those six seasons and has eclipsed the ten sack total in two of six seasons. Last year he had 9.5 sacks and in 2010, he had his second best sack total as a member of the Falcons with 13. The Falcons have a new defensive coordinator this year and it will be very interesting to see how that effects Abraham.

Will John Abraham go over or under ten sacks in 2012?

Joe: over 10 sacks: Mike Nolan's scheme, more blitzing/stunting, should give Abraham a legitimate shot at double-digit sacks as opponents should have to consistently focus more on linebackers and safeties.

Zach: John Abraham will break even at 10 sacks in my opinion. Abraham should benefit from being able to play in an agressive defense where the ends won't be required to drop into coverage as often as Abraham did. If he can stay healthy and well rested he will likely end up with 10 or more sacks.

Kevin: I think the odds are in favor of Abraham not making ten sacks but that's mainly based on his playing under a different defensive coordinator in his tenure in Atlanta. With Nolan looking to bring more pressure this year I think it's going to be harder for teams to key on Abraham as much as they have in the past and this will give him more opportunities to get at the quarterback despite possibly playing less downs due to the wear and tear on his body throughout his long career. I'm going over, but just barely with eleven.

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