Asante Samuel's Impact on His Atlanta Falcons Teammates

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The Atlanta Falcons defense is looking more and more different every day during OTAs. It has been widely reported that “Mr Pick 6” Asante Samuel has made an early impact on and off the field.  On a team filled with potential superstars on defense, it is about time somebody put a jolt on the defense.

Guys like Sean Weatherspoon, William Moore, Brent Grimes and Corey Peters have all benefited early from Samuel's presence in Atlanta. In a city built around the hip-hop culture, you would imagine it doesn’t take too long to find swagger. As fans, that is one of the key ingredients we have missed seeing on this team.

To have confidence is to have power. The Atlanta Falcons are looking like they are embracing their newly found confidence. Sean Weatherspoon is a very outspoken and enthusiastic player, last year as reported, you could always hear him in camp jawing it up with his teammates. Now with Curtis Lofton out, it is time for him to embrace the role as leader. There is no doubt in my mind Spoon has swagger. Now, I have read a lot about Asante’s swagger, and I am very interested to see who displays more of it on the field.

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I hope this attitude infects the team like an air-born pathogen. Gone are the years of accepting mediocrity, we live in a town of hot seats. Just ask Coach Mark Richt up in Athens, but he responded this past season with a SEC East crown. Hot seat…iced. Coach Mike Smith is rumored to be on the hot seat himself. This past season we saw two coordinators “move” on. Playoffs are expected in this town and just showing up isn’t enough. Take this new found swagger and utilize it into playoff swagger. I love the off-season we have had, but seeing is believing.

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