Are the Atlanta Falcons Heading for a Disappointing 2012 Season?

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The stink of the playoff collapse against the New York Giants still resonates with a lot of the pro football blogs I have been seeing lately. Most Falcons fans have moved on and gained confidence with the off-season moves of bringing in two new coordinators and trading for Asante Samuel.

Fans I've checked in with are on board and at minimum looking forward to another playoff appearance by Mike Smith and his guys. When I look around the blogs on the net, there seems to be a different opinion of the Falcons. Last week, I linked over to a site that projected the Falcons finishing at 8-8 with the Carolina Panthers coming in second in the division.

Last night I noticed that the NFL blog on our network, This Given Sunday, also has some big doubts about the Falcons. Here is what they had to say about the Falcons in their article "The NFC South is Ripe for an Upheaval"....

It was just a year ago that the Atlanta Falcons were considered serious title contenders. A bold draft-day move for Julio Jones was hyped as the final piece of the equation. It was a solid season that ended in embarrassment at the hands of the G-men in the postseason.

So what have the Dirty Birds done to get over the hump? Well, not much. They hope that Jones will emerge as the stud wideout that he was touted as and the defence will hopefully give them a chance. Beware Atlanta fans, this season could go badly in a hurry.

Not only do both of these bloggers have doubts about the Falcons but they are also singing the praises of Cam Newton and Panthers. Cam had a nice rookie season but I'm not ready to anoint him as the second coming of NFL QBs just yet, especially with his supporting cast. The NFL is a very parody driven league but recently it's clear that the Falcons and Saints have moved ahead of the Bucs and Panthers. Call me a homer or an optimist but I just don't see that changing this season.

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