Anquan Boldin Deserves More Respect from Ravens

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Anquan Boldin, if you ask me, deserved the Super MVP just as much as his quarterback Joe Flacco. Yet the Ravens want to restructure his contract to underpay him, while overpaying Flacco.

In the Super Bowl, Boldin had 104 yards (380 total in the postseason), a TD (4 total in the postseason), and arguably the biggest play of the year for the Ravens (minus the blown coverage on the Jones play in Denver) late in the 4th quarter.

On third and inches, midway through the 4th quarter as the 49ers were taking all of the momentum, Flacco through a back shoulder pass to a covered Anquan Boldin.  With the defensive back all over him and a hand in his face, Boldin came down with it and extended the Ravens drive. Not to mention that this was the 3rd catch on third down that resulted in a first down.

Unlike Joe Flacco, Anquan Boldin is not asking to be overpaid for one good Super Bowl run.

In fact, Boldin isn’t even asking for a raise. Boldin just wants to be paid the amount that the Ravens agreed to pay him. After all, he has been nothing but consistent and even helped deliver a Super Bowl Championship to Baltimore.

Why should Anquan Boldin change his salary because the Ravens had to overpay Joe Flacco? Can you imagine seeing your co-worker be mediocre, at best, and get a enormous raise, while you do your job well and are asked to take a paycut?

I knew that the Flacco deal would come back to hurt the Ravens, I just didn’t know it would possibly be this fast.

Have some class Baltimore.

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